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True concerned with impact on 1 million cat and hutch CDMA customers

Announces it will Fight for the Benefits and Interests of Customers, Thai People and the Country

True Group is concerned with the impact on 1 million CAT and Hutch CDMA customers nationwide who will be affected in the event the Central Administrative Court orders CAT Telecom to suspend communication services. True Group reinforces that as a Thai operator, it must fight for the benefits of its customers, Thai people and Thailand.

Mr. Suphachai Chearavanont, President & CEO, True Corporation Plc said "Following the petition filed on April 25, by Total Access Communication Plc (DTAC) with the Central Administrative Court requesting a court order for CAT Telecom to stop all services under various agreements made with True Group regarding CDMA and HSPA services, True is very concerned about the drastic impact this will have on customers. About 1 million people will be without communication services, of which the majority have been CAT and Hutch CDMA customers for nearly 10 years. These negative impacts are not the fault of the 1 million customers, nor are they the result of the network or services.

"Communications services are an essential part life today. The fact that 1 million customers will be without communication services will have a significant impact on all parts of Thai society. True Group is deeply concerned about this and we will fight to the very end to make sure that the million customers will not be affected."

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I passed my CAT CDMA modem on to a friend four weeks ago, but I'm still interested why they want to stop services. I was very happy with that service. Did I miss something and somebody gets hurt by that service?
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