Author Topic: Thailand is the third-most dangerous country for internet users  (Read 489 times)

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According to, Thailand is the third-most dangerous country in the world for internet users

The US tech publication released a list earlier this week of the countries in which internet users are most likely to acquire viruses or malware while surfing the web. Thailand is right up there near the top, surpassed only by China in the second slot and Indonesia in the first.

eWeek compiled its list from surveys run by online security companies, such as the Security Threat Report 2013, issued on Thursday by security firm Sophos.

While using the internet in Thailand places you at a 20.8% chance of acquiring a virus, the risk is even higher in China (21.3%) and Indonesia (23.5%).

Conversely, Norway, Sweden and Japan rank among the safest countries for netizens, so that’s probably where you want to go if you have ambitions to participate in online trading, large-scale file-sharing or the founding of a cheeky, online news website.

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