Author Topic: Thai surfers spend 30% of online time on social networking  (Read 506 times)

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Thai surfers spend 30% of online time on social networking

Social networking represented the most-engaging online activity in Thailand, accounting for 29.8 percent of total time spent online in February, according to comScore Media metrix Service.

In the inaugural report on Internet usage in Thailand, the digital world measuring firm also showed that portals and entertainment content reached the largest percentage of online visitors with 98 percent of the country’s web population visiting these categories during the month.

comScore’s global reporting capability is based on samples of Internet users across more than 170 different countries, which enables reporting at the worldwide and regional levels. The addition of Thailand brings comScore’s audience measurement capabilities to 44 individual countries and completes comScore’s coverage of Southeast Asia’s six largest economies.

According to Joe Nguyen, comScore vice president for Southeast Asia and India, Thailand is the 14th market in Asia Pacific.

"Across the region and the globe, advertisers, publishers and agencies share a common need for access to accurate and reliable insights into today’s digital consumer in order to develop effective marketing strategies and grow their businesses. comScore is committed to delivering these essential insights, helping to spur growth in digital economies around the globe."

In February 2012, Thailand’s online population, defined as people age 6 and older that accessed the Internet from a home or work computer in the past 30 days, reached nearly 9.8 million visitors with an average visitor spending 27.4 hours online during the month, consuming an average of 2,845 pages of content.
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