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Social media have more advantages than disadvantages - Poll

Most people are of the opinion that the social media are popular to Thai people of all ages, sexes and groups and have more advantages than disadvantages, according to a survey by Suan Dusit Rajabhat University or Suan Dusit Poll.

The poll was conducted between July 25-30 on 1,196 people throughout the country to compile their opinions on use of the social media in Thai society.

Asked what they think generally about use of the social media in Thai society for the time-being, 82.78% of the respondents said they are popular to people of all ages, sexes and groups and are part of their daily life; 73.49% regard them as sources of information which keep them abreast of situations; 71,91% said they have both advantages and disadvantages, depending on users' discretion; 64.55% said they allow free exchanges of information and opinions; and, 52.34% consider them as a mode of communication.

Regarding the "advantages", 78.43% said the social media enable them quickly get information and contact people; 76.17% said they can be used with convenience; and, 65.89% said they are tools for search of information.

On the "disadvantages", 75.08% said information obtained via the social media may not be accurate; 66.30% said the social media can be tools for dishonest people to take advantages over others; and, 62.04% said they cause people to talk less to one another and concentrate more on their smartphones.

Asked to compare between the advantages and disadvantages of using the social media, 51.67% said there are more advantages than disadvantages because they keep people abreast of situations and serve as an effective mode of communication; 27.09% said the advantages and disvantages are about the same, requiring users to be careful in receiving and sharing information; and, 21.24% said there are more disadvantages than advantages because they can be misused by dishonest people and cause people to lack interaction.

Asked what they have learned from using the social media, 77.59% said they must be careful in posting an opinion; 73.83% said they must use more discretion after receiving information; and, 59.93% said they must carefully check before forwarding information to avoid laying accusations or infringing on the rights of other people.


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