Author Topic: Smartphones are so addictive, they should come with a health warning  (Read 712 times)

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Study: Smartphones are addictive, and can increase narcissistic tendencies (Also, water is wet)

Smartphones should come with health warnings, according to a study from the University of Derby, which examined the relationships consumers form with their pocket computers.

The study was informed by 256 self-selected smartphone users who responded to an online survey. That is an admittedly small sample from which conclusions can be drawn. But it seems to do little besides confirm what some have already suspected: people can be addicted to their smartphones, and the devices can encourage narcissistic behaviors.

According to the study, 13 percent of respondents were addicted to their smartphones, which was linked to higher narcissism scores and neuroticism levels. It later adds:


Smartphone Use, Addiction, Narcissism, and Personality: A Mixed Methods Investigation

There are increasing numbers of people who are now using smartphones. Consequently, there is a risk of addiction to certain web applications such as social networking sites (SNSs) which are easily accessible via smartphones. There is also the risk of an increase in narcissism amongst users of SNSs.

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