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AIS launches a wireless broadband service in Korat
« on: May 19, 2011, 07:52:34 AM »

AIS launches a wireless broadband service for homes

Claims speed of 7.2 Mbps for B590/month

Advanced Info Service (AIS) is expanding its mobile broadband service to wireless broadband at home to increase mobile data revenue.

The country's largest mobile operator says it is ready to launch its 3G wireless broadband service on the existing 900-Megahertz spectrum in the third quarter of this year.

AIS has renamed its inactive operating unit, Mobile from Advanced Co, as Advanced Internet Revolution Co and invested 10 million baht for the venture.

Supreecha Limpikanjanakowit, managing director of Advanced Internet Revolution, said the new home high-speed wireless broadband service, called AirNet, would offer speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps for 590 baht per month.

The service, running on the free and unlicensed 5GHz frequency band, is expected to attract 10,000 customers generating 5-6 million baht in revenue per month.

AIS will initially start providing services in Bangkok metropolitan areas, Nakhon Ratchasima and Songkhla.

Mr Supreecha said the service provided an alternative for customers upcountry where fixed-line facilities are a constraint.

However, the service will have limited coverage so as not to overlap with 3G services.

Nattiya Poapongsakorn, AIS's investor relations manager, said it expected to launch 3G on the 900-MHz frequency in the third quarter. The service will be made available in Bangkok and nine major upcountry provinces.

AIS invested 2.5 billion baht to build 1,800 3G base stations.

Ms Nattiya said AIS was determined to provide 3G on a 2.1-GHz frequency once the yet-to-be-formed National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission issues 3G licences.

The company projects it will have 3-4 million 3G customers its first year of operation, or 10% of its total 32 million customers.

"Without 3G, mobile operators' future revenue growth opportunities will be affected," she said.

Ms Nattiya said the company expected revenue growth of 4% this year. Growth of data service revenue is projected between 25-30%, fuelled by increasing use of smartphones and social networking.

AIS posted 9.8% revenue growth in the first quarter this year compared to the same period in 2010, and a 3.2% rise from the fourth quarter last year.

The growth was attributed to a 26% surge in data revenue and 6.8% from voice revenue year-on-year.

Data revenue accounted for 19% of total earnings, with 7.5 million active data users.

"We aim to maintain our market share, which is 53-54% of revenue and 44% of the customer base," she said.

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