Author Topic: Fingerprint sensors for smartphones can be fooled with an inkjet printer  (Read 726 times)

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Samsung and Huawei fingerprint scanners can be fooled using an inkjet printer

Researchers show they can spoof common smartphone fingerprint sensors using an off-the-shelf printer with special paper and ink used for printing circuits

Fingerprint sensors used to secure smartphones can be fooled with something as simple as a inkjet printer, researchers from Michigan State University have shown.

Mobile Phone Fingerprint Spoof Attacks

A Samsung Galaxy S6 and a Huawei Honor 7 were unlocked successfully using a fingerprint printed using a standard inkjet printer loaded with special ink and paper by Kai Cao and Anil Jain from the department of computer science and engineering.

The researchers took scans of several fingers and simply printed them in 2D on paper using conductive ink – ink which conducts a charge – and special paper that is typically used for printing electronic circuits and other charge-carrying systems.

They found they could replicate the process for several different fingers for several different volunteers taking very little time using common equipment. Previous spoofing attempts that require the production of a model of the fingerprint in wood glue or rubber have taken at least 30 minutes to create, often requiring special equipment and manual manipulation skill.

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