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Facebook worms its way into the workplace
« on: January 15, 2015, 06:42:52 PM »
Not content with infiltrating your home and mobile life, Facebook now intends to infiltrate your workplace. Trials are currently underway with a select group for a 'Facebook at Work' app.

The Facebook at Work app is free-to-use, but currently limited to an unnamed group of companies that will trial its use. It is aesthetically similar to the Facebook already in use by 1.4 billion people across the globe with the exception, for now at least, that it does not feature advertising nor does it gather user data that could be sold on to third parties.

Another important feature is that when an employee shares content on Facebook at Work, that content belongs to the employer whereas on a personal Facebook that content belongs to the creator.

One advantage that Facebook has over rival work communication tools is that many people were already familiar with how the social networks works and so training costs would be minimal.

Facebook at Work is already available for download on iOS but can only be used by those who have set up a work account through their employer which, at this stage, is limited to a small group of unnamed trialists.

"We know that people use Facebook to connect and collaborate," a Facebook spokesperson told CNET. "The same way we connect people, we want to connect coworkers. Internally at Facebook we've been using our product for years, and now we're ready to start testing Facebook at Work with a handful of partners."
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