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Facebook: Thailand's most influential brand

Facebook is the most influential brand in Thailand, according to a survey that highlights closer association of Thai consumers with information technology.
Aside from Facebook, dominating Ipsos’ first edition of 'The Top Ten Most Influential Brands in Thailand' include Google, Apple, Microsoft, and YouTube.

Jerome Hervio, managing director of Ipsos in Thailand, said: "Bangkok is thecapital city of the world for Facebook, and Facebook is our mostinfluential brand, with its 30 million users. The digital revolution is unstoppable and permeates the consumer mindset.

The global Most Influential Brands study has been conducted in 20 countries this year, with Thailand included for the firsttime.

The Top 10 most infuential brands 

1. Facebook

2. Google

3. 7-Eleven

4. Apple

5. Microsoft

6. YouTube


8. Tesco Lotus


10. DTAC

Source: Ipsos

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