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Bendable smartphone you can wear round your wrist
« on: May 26, 2016, 02:01:17 PM »
Bendable smartphones coming this year, Chinese start-up says

What Moxi's device may look like when rolled up and when flattened. The version the company plans to release this year will feature a black and white e-ink screen rather than than the full colour seen here. Photo: Moxi Group

A little-known start-up in China is gunning to be the first to sell bendable smartphones this year, seeking to upstage Samsung, which has started to dabble in flexible-screen technology.

Moxi Group, based in Chongqing, says it will ship 100,000 of the devices in 2016. They are, at the very least, unique. The phones, which will sell for about 5000 yuan ($1062) apiece, are designed to be rolled into a bracelet and worn on the wrist. The touchscreens work when curled up, or can be unfurled into rectangles to use just like any other smartphone.

For now, the gadgets will only feature black and white displays, with a colour version to follow later. Still, that gives Moxi enough bragging rights to beat out other smartphone makers in being first to release bendable products

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