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B200m compo sought from AIS What was that again
« on: March 19, 2012, 09:30:41 PM »
A former university lecturer has filed a civil lawsuit seeking 200 million baht in compensation from the country's largest mobile operator claiming the company’s signal transmission towers caused damage to his health, mainly loss of memory.

Supon Sooksrimungmee, 59, a former lecturer at Khon Kaen University ‘s sociology and anthropology faculty, told Matichon TV on Monday he had decided to sue Advanced Info Service over the issue.

On June 30 last year, Mr Supon filed a petition with the Civil Court asking it to order AIS Pcl and Hutchison CAT Wireless Co and their seven associates to remove 10 towers and other equipment for transmitting and receiving high-frequency mobile phone signals from the rooftop of a condominium located about 400 metres from his home in Bangkok’s Ratchathewi district.

The two companies later removed all equipment from the building after the owner refused to extend a contract with them. However, AIS managed to install transmission towers at a convenience store located about 130 metres from Mr Supon’s house.

This prompted Mr Supon to file another suit against AIS last month, seeking 200 million baht in compensation for alleged health irregularities. The court will decide on Tuesday whether it will hear the case.       

Mr Supon claimed in the petition to the court he started to develop amnesia after the installation of the equipment eight years ago despite the fact that he had a very good memory before.

He also suffered headaches and anxiety disorders and must regularly seek medical treatment.

“I believe my amnesia has been caused by long-term exposure to high-frequency cell phone signals. By comparison, when I travel to other provinces and stay overnight, I don’t have any headaches at all when I wake up the next morning,” Mr Supon said.

He said his petition contained study results by several local and international institutes regarding health hazards from mobile phone signals.
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Re: B200m compo sought from AIS What was that again
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I gotta try and turn off that repeater AIS gave me. Maybe it isn't migraine after all but rather originates from their signal.

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