Author Topic: AIS launches Thailand’s prepaid broadband service-3BB slashes prices in response  (Read 884 times)

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AIS launches first prepaid fixed broadband service

Mobile leader Advanced Info Service Plc (AIS) yesterday launched Thailand's first prepaid fixed broadband service with connection speeds of 15 megabits per second for a 500-baht monthly top-up fee.

In turn, Jasmine International Plc, through subsidiary Triple T Broadband -- the operator of landline broadband services under the 3BB brand -- launched a counter-attack against the country's largest mobile operator by slashing prices of its fixed-line broadband service for a 50Mbps plan to 700 baht a month, down from 2,500 baht.

Competition in the fixed broadband market can expect more intensity as AIS moves aggressively to establish its presence. Jasmine, meanwhile, wants to boost its broadband sales after forfeiting its first payment for a 4G wireless broadband licence it won in December.

"We aim to become the No.2 broadband player by 2019, overtaking 3BB broadband," said Saran Phaloprakarn, AIS's senior vice-president for fixed broadband business management.

True now has 2.5 million broadband subscribers, followed by Triple T Broadband with 2 million and TOT Plc with more than 1 million. There are 6.5 million fixed broadband subscribers in Thailand out of 20 million households.

Of the total, 5 million are customers use ADSL, a technology that enables data transmission over copper telephone lines. The remaining 1.5 million are using a fibre optic network with a higher transmission rate than traditional copper-based broadband.

As of December, AIS had 450,000 broadband users after launching commercial services in April last year.

"We aim to have 1 million customers by 2018, increasing to 2 million by 2019," Mr Saran said.

He said fibre optic broadband is expected to increasingly eat into the market share of ADSL thanks to declining prices and faster connection speeds.

AIS expects fibre optic broadband to be the next growth engine for the company in the years ahead as mobile service has already reached saturation point.

Mr Saran said demand for faster-speed and higher-bandwidth internet connections continues to grow among consumers. The landscape of television is changing as consumers shift from simply watching TV to streaming videos and on-demand content.

AIS plans to spend 7 billion baht to expand its fibre optic broadband network to cover 24 provinces this year.

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I just changed my contract with True to combine my internet (50 Mbit) and UBC platinum package all in one.  It also includes two True mobile numbers and a landline number.  It comes out to a little over 3,000 baht a month.  It's so much easier to have it all in one bill instead of all these separate bills.

You can check it out here:

*Also, if you switch to this package, they remove the Satellite dish and wire coaxial cable directly to your home.  In other words, no blackout of signals when the weather is bad.