Author Topic: Where does the name "Koratfart" come from?  (Read 2654 times)

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Where does the name "Koratfart" come from?
« on: July 16, 2009, 05:16:13 PM »
From a recent post on another forum it appears that the name of this forum might be heavily misunderstood.

The purpose of this forum has been from the very beginning to continue where our attempts of a Korat Expats Club were lost three years ago. We still haven't achieved much in the meantime. We talked about possible reasons in other topics of this forum. Nevertheless we still gotta get something done to be able to help each other. The past three years have proven it not so easy. No arguments here why. But another approach is spontaneity instead of endless discussions that aren't leading anywhere. Spontaneity can produce better and actual results than the most comprehensive reflexions.

Well, what came to my mind was the word BRAINFART which denotes spontaneous thoughts.

Wikipedia defines:
"Brainfart (or brain fart) is a neologistic expression denoting a degree of mental laxity, colourfully clothed in neuroflatulent metaphor. The term is typically employed in the United States to indicate a regrettable and poorly thought out choice of action, as in the case of the American teen pregnancy pact, the ill-fated 2003 deblondification of Britney Spears, and in a speech by retired Marine General Anthony Zinni, the Second Iraq War. According to vaunted Philadelphia Flyers defenceman and amateur linguist Denis Gauthier—whose seminal association with the phenomenon has earned him the honorific sobriquet "Mr. Brainfart"—a brainfart occurs when one "momentarily loses his [sic] sense of logic…and does something "dumb."" A further clarification comes from investigative journalist Louie Pierson, who proffers that while accidents are preventable, "brain farts are unpredictable, unpreventable and universal", and advances the theory that Mother Nature had "added the unfathomable minor irritant of the brain fart as a failsafe backup." The term may also be used to inelegantly refer to a situation in which one speaks out of turn.[7] Lexicologists demur, preferring the definition of "losing one's train of thought"
Source: Wikipedia

Of course it hat to get connected to Korat: KORATFART.

At the moment this site is still in development. We're still testing the smf 2.0 Release Candidate 1 - 1, so this is not actually a live forum because we're not sure  of any bugs that might pop up and destroty the whole.

Some day I had planned to integrate more arts by members into this site, keeping the alternative meaning korat foreigner's art, short koratfart, in mind. We did not get far yet, since for one we're still software testing and getting to know each other. And some guys might actually have some good "brainfarts". There are so many things to think of and take care of a new internet platform that's supposed to function that it will take years to develop. But there's no hurry.

As to BRAINFART this picture was guiding my imagination:

It also brings along the notion of openness to all kinds of ideas, not just those deemed worthy to discuss by some "aristocrats".