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The REMOVE button
« on: September 06, 2012, 02:35:12 PM »
A new member did report his own post and asked

Reported by Roger on Today at 01:19:46 PM. They left the following message:

The two messages I sent re Trolls have been marked remove in red on my screen. Does this mean I have been deleted?

Taking his question very seriously I did check the moderation log and could not find any record there. So I said to myself, he must be unfamiliar with forums. Therefore this explanation:

For a grace period after submitting your post you'll see a button REMOVE at the top right:

If you hit that button by accident or on purpose another window will pop up and ask for confirmation:

If there you hit OK your post will get removed irrevocably, unless you immediately pull out the plug to the internet, smash your router, computer or whatever. But as long as the button REMOVE is still visible, your post has neither been removed by yourself nor somebody else. If you still have problems seeing your post, try to get new glasses from an optician.

A member, who hasn't logged in under that nick for a long time had been so helpful to start a thread about opticians in Korat:

I thought you had seen the helpful answers already!  :)