Author Topic: Serving a purpose and having fun is ok - but stop at war!  (Read 1205 times)

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Could you please calm down a little with posting plain nonsense? We should keep this board classy! There are enough other boards for nonsense. So I will remove posts going too low without warning. Also I will remove posts totally out of context. Though in some cases they'll be used for opening new threads,

The purpose of this board is still to get along with each other. Sometimes some harsh words and exposing inconvenient truths is necessary, but we shouldn't overdo it for having fun only! And please be careful with the impersonifications; it needs to be made clear in the post that it's a personification for drama only.And it shouldn't be purely malicious!


P.S. Posting 4 x the same link to the info of a book on (thai) Wikipedia which is not appreciated in Thailand to have the thai government block access to this forum from Thailand is a bit naive. Think of the coding this board uses! ;)

And may I also alert to the fact that posting under lots of different nicks to defame other people might help that same poster who seemed to have forgotten to change the IP between posts to free accommodation sooner or later? His "excesses" have been recorded.