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Hotlinking vs. uploading
« on: March 24, 2009, 10:08:32 AM »
The multiple times uploaded "Hypocrisy scale.jpg" doesn't show anymore. I wonder why?

Apart from that I suggest to simply hotlink pictures already on the web (if not copyrighted):

click left with the cursor on the pic, select "copy image location", place cursor in your post where you want that picture to show, click left again and select "paste", then highlight the link that shows by stroking the cursor with pressed left mouse button over it and select the picture symbol over the post window (first in the 2nd row, below the B). Your link should show now "img" before and "/img" in brackets instead of the quotation marks after the link. That's it! Especially pics that get posted over and over again only use web space once that way.

If it's your own picture you can open a free account on for storing and hotlinking them to. After uploading you can use the convenient links photobucket provides below each picture. Copy and paste into your post the link after "IMG Code", no further commands necessary. That's your hotlink and will work directly in forum posts.

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