Author Topic: Zika virus alert in Udon Thani’s Sangkhom district  (Read 832 times)

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Zika virus alert in Udon Thani’s Sangkhom district

Udon Thani’s Sangkhom district has been declared off-limits especially to pregnant women after a resident of the district was quarantined in Taiwan after he was tested to be infected with Zika virus.

Health volunteers in all villages in Tambon Sang Nang Khao of Nong Khai’s Pone Pisai district were instructed by the director of health promotion hospital of Tambon Sang Nang Khao to mount a campaign to get rid of breeding grounds for striped mosquitoes and to inform villagers to protect themselves from mosquito bites by sleeping in sleeping nets and to avoid travelling to Sangkhom district.

It was reported that health officials had visited five relatives of the person inflected with Zika virus to keep them under watch to find out whether they are infected with the virus or not.
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