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Thai police arrest suspected seller of 'child ghosts'

Bangkok - Police arrested a former nurse as a suspected seller of "child ghosts" after 14 pickled foetuses were found in an abandoned house in north-eastern Thailand, media reports said Tuesday.

Police said Naengnoi Kaan admitted to buying foetuses from a woman who performed illegal abortions in Ubon Ratchathani province on the border with Laos and Cambodia to sell as "luk krok," or "child ghosts," believed to bring good luck, the Bangkok Post reported, citing police.

The case came to police attention after a scavenger found 14 bottles of pickled foetuses in an abandoned shophouse that belonged to one of Naengnoi's relatives.

Police said the nurse had allegedly stored the foetuses in the shophouse while awaiting orders from prospective customers.

Luk krok, according to Thai superstition, are particularly helpful for winning lotteries.,suspected-seller-child-ghosts.html

Sounds a bit yucky don't it, here's a bit on Gunman thong

Gunman Thong and other spirits

The first written mention of the Gunman Thong is in Sunthorn Phu's "The Story of Khun Phaen and Khun Chang". The story is set in Ayutthaya about 500 years ago and was well known as an oral legend before being written down in the 19th century.

Khun Phaen was a warrior hero who required a powerful spirit to protect him in battle.
His Mia Noi, Bua Klee, died while still pregnant.

Normally at that time people were cremated shortly after death, but women who died in childbirth were buried with special ceremonies in order to stop their ghosts wandering.

The ghost of a woman who died in childbirth, Phee Tai Tong Klom, is especially ferocious and greatly feared.

K. Phaen dug up the corpse of Bua Klee and extracted the foetus and took it directly to the Bot of a nearby temple to prepare it for the ritual which would capture it's spirit and make it serve him.

The body of the foetus must be baked dry before the spirit will re-enter it.

More here on Gunman Thong.