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Surin: Smelling trouble over bubbles
« on: June 17, 2011, 11:03:35 AM »
Smelling trouble over bubbles

Under the Chi River in Surin, hot water bubbles up and dead fish rise, triggering fears among local villagers.

The Mineral Resources Department has urged Surin villagers not to panic over rising water temperatures at the Chi River and said it was a natural phenomenon caused by marsh gas.

Locals have seen hot water bubbles appearing in the Chi River section at Ban Pluang in Muang district since Monday. They found the hot spot is about 80 to 90 centimetres below the surface.

The phenomenon triggered fears of a natural disaster as some fish were reportedly killed by the hot water.

"The hot water is caused by marsh gas,'' said Lertsin Raksakulwong, director of the Mineral Resources Department's environmental geology and geohazard bureau.

"Please don't panic. This is neither a supernatural matter nor volcanic eruptions.''

Marsh gas, which forms when organic material decays in the absence of air, is largely composed of methane.

He said the gas was contained under the river bed until the sand layer became thinner and allowed the gas to be released.

The geologist said the water temperature would return to normal after the gas levels had reduced.

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