Author Topic: land title deeds back to 684 loan-shark victims in Northeast  (Read 437 times)

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That is good news so i stop going on about the watches ;)

Prawit to present land title deeds back to 684 loan-shark victims in Northeast

Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan on Thursday will present land title deeds back to 684 debtors from 12 northeastern provinces who had reportedly fallen victim to unfair contracts with loan sharks.

The 754 title deeds – worth Bt1.5 billion in total and covering 3,170 rai (507 hectares) of land – will be presented in a ceremony held at the Thung Sri Muang in Udon Thani’s Mueang district, Pol Lt-General Surachai Kuandachacupt, commissioner of Provincial Police Region 4, said on Tuesday.

Surachai also said more debtors were continuing to visit the provincial centres for public complaint-gathering in order to file complaints over unfair loan contracts and request the authorities to arrange their debt settlements with the money-lenders in question.

He said the Udon Thani Court had so far approved eight arrest warrants for 12 alleged loan sharks, who had been in custody for the charges of fraud by lending money to others at a beyond-legal interest rate, of operating an illegal money-lending business, and of document forgery.

Many money-lenders have also stepped forward to partake in the debt settlements and returned previously seized land title deeds to the debtors, the commissioner added.
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Re: land title deeds back to 684 loan-shark victims in Northeast
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Great news! :)


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Re: land title deeds back to 684 loan-shark victims in Northeast
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brill good to hear but there are so many more some not even of thai origin and hard as nails

best bunky

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Re: land title deeds back to 684 loan-shark victims in Northeast
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Kalasin police to return at least 611 land deeds to creditors next month

 Kalasin police chief Lt Gen Surachai Kuandechakupta said at least 611 land title deeds - which were mortgaged to secure Bt47.3 million in loans and seized by a pawnshop in Kalasin's Somdet district - would be given back to the 600 creditors next month.

A total of 1,089 land title deeds had been seized for police inspection along with 16 guns during a warranted search of the pawnshop on August 10, following complaints to police about the shop applying an illegal interest rate of 24 per cent a year.

The legal rate for a land mortgage is 15 per cent a year.

Surachai on Friday led police to inspect the confiscated items.

 The investigation so far would allow police to return 611 title deeds, covering 1,937 rai, to the rightful owners, he said.

The business owner, who had co-operated with the police, had signed the agreement to return the confiscated deeds in front of witnesses, Surachai added.

The police continue to work on the case and Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon is scheduled to hand back the deeds at a ceremony on September 20.

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Re: Loan-shark victims get land back
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Loan-shark victims get land back

 Over 4,000 land documents returned in ceremonies nationwide yesterday

DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER General Prawit Wongsuwan yesterday returned 1,534 land title deeds worth Bt3 billion to 1,358 Northeast residents who had fallen victim to loan sharks, in a ceremony held in Kalasin.

 Similar events held simultaneously in other parts of the country saw the handing over of 3,285 land deeds to 4,236 rightful owners, along with other assets including 121 cars and 504 motorcycles. The total value of the assets returned to in the ceremonies was Bt4 billion.

The event in Kalasin was the largest in terms of debtors and land value as it covered people from 12 Northeast provinces.

 A provincial committee that includes police officers has been retrieving land deeds through negotiations with high-interest lenders and helping set up easier repayment schemes.

At the event yesterday, Prawit, who oversees the police, said the authorities would continue to crackdown on illicit moneylenders to end inequality and “return happiness to the people”.

 He said the government was also working on giving low-income people access to legal loans and legalising the money-lending business. The government has been promoting “pico-finance” (micro-loans) to address the country’s underground debt problems.

The debtors expressed gratitude at getting their property back. The assets of some had been seized by the lenders for nearly 30 years, after they had failed to keep up with loan repayments.

Jenjira Jongreucha, who got back the title deed for her one-rai plot after four years, tearfully said this was the first government to do this for the people. “I never thought this day would come, when I could get my land back so easily,” she said.

 Last month, Prawit presented 780 title deeds worth Bt1.8 billion in total and covering 3,700 rai (592 hectares) to 684 loan-shark victims in the Northeast, in an event held in Udon Thani’s Muang district.

In July, police negotiated with loan sharks and retrieved title deeds covering 285 rai of land worth Bt130 million to hand back to 135 debtors in Khon Kaen province. This success led Prawit to extend the police aid to more victims, many of whom are poor farmers in the Northeast.

According to Deputy Tourist Police chief Maj-General Surachate Hakpan, since July some 8,000 informal debtors nationwide have had assets worth a total of Bt18 billion returned to them, including 7,000 title deeds.

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Police launch crackdown on loan sharks in Issan

Police have launched a crackdown on loan sharks in Si Sa Ket, Surin and Chaiyaphum provinces after reports of unfair treatment.

Acting Immigration Bureau Chief Police Major General Surachet Hakpal, in his capacity as Deputy Director of Thailand’s Action Taskforce for Information Technology Crime Suppression (Tactics), announced today that police raids were carried out in 27 locations in the three provinces where suspected loan sharks were operating.

They apprehended Supol Polsomboon in Si Sa Set on fraud charges and for providing loans with an interest rate higher than the legal limit. All of his assets, worth more than 100 million baht, have been confiscated after the arrest. Police also pressed charges against a female loan shark, Saranrus Suwannapradit, in the same province and for similar offenses.

A total of 1,100 land title deeds and assets worth 117 million baht were seized during the raids in the three provinces. To prevent unfair deals between loan sharks and their borrowers in the future, police Major General Surachet said loan sharks will be urged to participate in a PICO market where the loans they provide can be scrutinized and offered to loan seekers at a reasonable interest rate.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Wongsuwan is set to travel to Si Sa Ket for the third time to return land title deeds to the rightful owners who were forced to give them up to loan sharks after failing to pay their debts on time.

In response to rumors claiming some government officials have been associated with loan sharks, Pol Maj Gen Kritsakorn Plithanyawond, Acting Deputy Immigration Police Bureau, said an investigation would be conducted to find out the truth in the matter, before it could be concluded if the accusation is true.