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Korat & Surin Elections - P.Pandin: Newin lacks charisma
« on: December 15, 2010, 12:17:28 AM »
P.Pandin: Newin lacks charisma

The leader of Friends of Newin faction in the Bhumjaithai Party, Newin Chidchob, does not have enough charisma to be ever be the top man or become prime minister, Puea Pandin spokesman Phumin Leethiraprasert said on Tuesday.

The spokesman was responding to a prediction by fortune teller Mas Kehastham, better known as hi-tech seer, that  Mr Newin's star is rising and that he holds a strong chance of being the top man in 2012.

Mr Phumin said even though Mr Newin, who is de facto leader of Bhumjaithai, would be released from his political ban in 2012, and might well win an MP seat at the polls, he does not have the charisma to encourage MPs to vote in support of him to take up the premiership post.

Bhumjaithai’s victory in Nakhon Ratchasima and Surin by-elections had not created any concern among members of the Puea Pandin Party, he said. People in the Northeast still remember the betrayal of Thaksin Shinawatra by Mr Newin and other MPs of the main coalition partner, he added.

“I do believe that Bhumjaithai will win fewer MP seats in the next general election than it has now, even though  the party has both money and state power,” said Mr Phumin.

It was not that easy for state and money power to influence all constituencies, as it had been done in the Sunday by-elections, he said.

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