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Over 200 people gathered on an Udon Thani sugarcane farm Thursday to watch a mysterious red fireball which has been sighted in the sky every night for two weeks.

“Chaweewan,” the plantation owner, said she first noticed a red spark, which looks about the size of a coconut in the sky, two weeks ago. After that, the red spot is in the sky appeared every night, at the same spot at 9pm. Gathering to watch it has become a community event, and it’s said the plantation is the best place to view it.

Locals who stopped by to see the fireball were divided into two different groups: Those divining it for winning lottery numbers and those who don’t.

Visitor Peemapon Unjittikul told reporters when that when he zooms into the red dot with his camera, he sees a woman’s face. He believes it’s definitely a Krasue-type ghost.

Krasue is woman ghost who consists of a head that floats around dragging her internal organs, according to The Coconuts Bangkok Ghost Guide.

However, some argue it’s probably just a light from a drone helicopter, according to Home News.

Jupiter and Venus are also prominent fixtures in the night sky during June and July, but we’re not astronomers or anything and much prefer a world of disemboweled ghosts.

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