Author Topic: Girl Ghost: Isaan villagers worship old ‘possessed’ trees  (Read 1390 times)

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Photo: Sanook

Kut Chap villagers in the northeastern province of Surin have been paying respect to seven old trees recently discovered during river dredging, believed to be possessed by a woman’s spirit.

Over the last three days about 200 locals have been carrying out spiritual ceremonies with flowers and joss sticks as they communicate with and invite the spirits inside the 12-meter-long trees, locally known as "Tha Khian," to bless them

According to Thai belief, Ta Khian, the massive trees that can live for centuries, are usually possessed with a woman’s spirit known as “Nang Tha Khian” or “Miss Tha Khian.”

In folklore, the guardian angel usually appears as a beautiful young woman in a traditional Thai outfit.

Full article with many pics: bangkok.coconuts