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Posted by: thaiga
« on: October 16, 2016, 12:24:45 PM »

There are so many superstitions here in isaan it would be hard getting through one day without actually unknowingly violate some.

As some of you know that's been here for a while, if your getting married, building a home or whatever, before you start, your other half would go to see a monk or fortune teller in the village a guy called the ดูดวง or ฤกษ์ rêrk man, he is normally an old guy with a horoscope book, you give him your details date of birth ect.ect. and he will flip through the pages and give you the lucky day to start. Of course it's tradition to give him a donation.

Some new generation Thai might not believe in the above superstitions, but most Thai sees this practice very important.

Some even believe that virgin women have a special power and can prevent pouring rain, so you can hire one at your event, you give the virgin lady a lemongrass and ask her to stick it onto the ground, the ritual is called ปักตะไคร้ bpàk dtà-krái, they say the sun will shine all day.   But you can't check if she is a real virgin of course ;D

PS: Now what would you think is the best time to cut your fingernails
Posted by: thaiga
« on: October 14, 2016, 12:55:19 PM »

Strange beliefs

Strange beliefs, strange to who, only us strangers, if you have been living with superstitions or beliefs since a child, then you would look at them as more of a way of life. Although i am amazed at what some intelligent people can believe without ever considering that it could simply be untrue. Some believe it because they always have and besides their Grandmother told them, now you can't argue with that. LOL.

But here in Thailand are some superstitions wearing thin as i noticed my local barber was open this wednesday.
Wow! what a fuss getting a haircut. They say, Cutting your hair on your birthday shortens your lifespan, cutting your hair middle of the week is bad luck, cut your hair at night and you shorten your parents life and when you do find the right time to cut it, burn the hair afterwards or it can be used to cast a spell on you :-[

It’s a Thai superstition that whistling at night is bad luck, why, they say, you’re calling spirits. by whistling you are disturbing the quiet of the night and could be bringing danger to yourself. I wonder what happens to those people who blast their car/bus music at night.
Posted by: thaiga
« on: October 13, 2016, 02:00:52 PM »

Strange beliefs

The abbot claimed they had gotten rid of over 700 ghosts yesterday — although no camera seemed to capture any ghost
Very odd thing in the pics to the above post is, not one of the so called followers seems to be in possession of a mobile phone.
How did they capture the ghosts is another question.

Another story arises today with a strange belief, an udon thani gas station attendant finds a two meter cobra under her bed


She reckoned it was a lucky omen, She then performed a Buddhist ritual apologizing for her past sins, she believed the snake had been sent to her. So she apologizes, asking the snake to leave her alone, Then calls in the snake catchers, reports

Wonder what her past sins were. No mention of the number of her room, for the lottery then  ::)
Posted by: thaiga
« on: October 12, 2016, 05:47:14 PM »

Confused?  ::)

As Halloween approaches, ghosts on the rise in Thai upcountry

Photo: Somsak Chummuenwai/ Facebook

The residents of a remote village in Chaiyaphum province have probably never heard of Halloween, but as the Western celebration approaches and Bangkokians plan their costumes, they claimed to have caught at least 700 ghosts in a spirit-evicting ceremony yesterday.

The residents of Baan Nong Mong village gathered yesterday to give each other support as they invited Phra Kru Opas Sitthwimol, a local monk famous for evicting ghosts, to perform a ceremony in the middle of their village.

The decision was made after the locals reportedly spotted “floating lights,” which they assumed were the floating heads of Krasue ghosts. Not to mention, five people in their village recently died from mysterious causes.

The ceremony was simple and done in accordance with their beliefs. The monk and locals put the evil spirits into bamboo fishtraps. When they ran out of fishtraps, empty plastic bottles were used instead. After the ghosts were caught, they burned the ghost containers.

The abbot claimed they had gotten rid of over 700 ghosts yesterday — although no camera seemed to capture any ghost.

The abbot claimed he had also gotten an early start the night before at his temple, where he caught three Krasue ghosts, one Krahang, and seven large Pop ghosts.