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Title: Farmers advised to harvest paddy in daytime to avoid dew
Post by: thaiga on November 11, 2018, 02:09:03 PM
Farmers advised to harvest paddy in daytime to avoid dew

A farmer in Buri Ram province harvests paddy on Sunday amid concerns that unseasonal rains could damage the grains. (Photo by Pikool Kaewhawong)

With rice paddy prices now high, farmers are advised not to rush to harvest paddy late at night or early in the morning when the grains could be dampened by dew and fetch lower prices than otherwise, an official said.

Chaleo Chanthaen, an paddy quality inspector from the agricultural cooperative office of Phimai district in this northeastern province, said because paddy prices are currently high, farmers have been rushing to harvest their crops day and night.

Paddy harvested after dark or in the early morning can get wet from dewdrops, he said, lowering the price rice mills will pay.

Farmers are advised to start harvesting paddy after 8am, when the sun is out, to avoid damage from dew,  Mr Chaleo said.

As of Sunday morning, the price of newly-harvested hom mali fragrant paddy in Phimai district was 13.70 baht per kilogramme or 13,700 baht per tonne. The price of hom mali paddy that met the standard level of moisture set by rice mills, however, was considerably higher - 18 baht per kilogramme or 18,000 baht per tonne.

Mr Chaleo said farmers who are not sure about the quality of their paddy can ask his office to help check the moisture level before selling it to rice mills.

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