Author Topic: A physical exam to check journalist's fitness?  (Read 784 times)

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A physical exam to check journalist's fitness?
« on: July 31, 2016, 12:39:34 PM »
KHON KAEN: Ban Phai mayor Premsak Piayura has been summoned to testify on Monday or face arrest as the furore grows over his alleged abuse of reporters who published a story he didn't like. The physician and former Thai Rak Thai MP has been accused of locking five reporters in his office and stripping the clothes off one of them to be photographed.


Dr Premsak has been accused by five reporters based in Khon Kaen of ordering his subordinates to take off the trousers of Korsit Kongcom, a reporter for the Thai-language Daily News, in front of the four others in a locked room at the mayor's office on July 26.

He was reportedly upset by a news story on the front page of the Daily News, which featured a picture of him with a teenage girl and 400,000 baht in cash in front of them in what looked like an engagement ceremony. The images went viral online and drew criticism as the girl is a Mathayom 5 student and Dr Premsak is a married man.

The furore could cost Dr Premsak his position as chairman of the education committee of Ban Phai School. The school is preparing documents related to the case and is expected to send them soon to the Office of Secondary Education, Zone 25, said Kitti Buncherd, the director of the office.

Full story: Bangkok Post

The guardian ran the initial story two days again, too.