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Gemma Wale of Birmingham in UK jailed for breaching loud sex noises order

A WOMAN who breached a court order that barred her from making “loud sex noises” has been jailed.

Gemma Wale, of Small Heath in the city of Birmingham, England, was given a two-week prison sentence, the Birmingham Mail reported.

Judge Emma Kelly ruled that Wale, a 23-year-old mother-of-two, had breached an anti-social behaviour order by “screaming and shouting whilst having sex” at a “level of noise” that annoyed a neighbour.

Judge Kelly added that Wale had also breached the order by arguing with her boyfriend, called Wayne, swearing at a neighbour, “banging around the house” and “running around in the property”.

The details emerged in a written ruling following a hearing in Birmingham County Court.

Birmingham City Council took legal action after a neighbour complained.

‘Screaming and shouting’

Judge Kelly said a neighbour had complained “paragraph 3 of the order” had been breached at about 05:00 on 29 January.

“Gemma started screaming and shouting whilst having sex, which woke us up,” said the neighbour. “This lasted 10 minutes.”

The judge concluded: “I am satisfied that during the course of the early hours of 29 January 2015, at around 5am, the defendant was guilty of screaming and shouting whilst having sex at a level of noise which caused nuisance or annoyance to (a neighbour).”

Wale did not attend the court hearing and the judge noted she “has not put herself in a position of showing any remorse for her behaviour”.

Wale had been evicted from her previous home in Birmingham and a former neighbour told of her behaviour,.

“It was really loud sex … Difficult isn’t even the word to describe her,” said the neighbour, who did not want to be named.

“I would hear her having sex and my children would too. I used to have to turn the TV up.”

“At one stage there was a man knocking and kicking at her front door while his brother was getting out of the back window.

“She had a little boy and a little girl ... She was the absolute neighbour from hell. I never ever want to set eyes on her again.”

Wale was jailed on May 12 and has served her sentence and been released.

Woman in Birmingham jailed after making 'loud sex noises'
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