Author Topic: Why Can’t Us Brits enjoy life like Thais?  (Read 943 times)

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Why Can’t Us Brits enjoy life like Thais?
« on: April 16, 2017, 12:18:53 PM »
Article from Comparing Thais with Brits, which suggests the brits in kent uk use their right hand side of their brain more whilst Thais use their left  ::) It means that we are often very good at business whilst Thais at design and artwork; but this article wants to focus on our ability to have fun and take life less seriously,

Songkran everyone participates in. Roads become gridlock and the streets filled with happy revelers. By and large it’s a joyous occasion that is played by young and old. Can you imagine that in the UK?
It would result in fights and carnage. Well don't we have that here

Hot & Happening
Have we lost our zest for life?

For us Brits struggle having fun with everyone around us and will flip and boil over if a stranger dare chuck a cold bucket of water over our heads, even if it was protocol to the occasion.

Where have we lost our sparkle and zest for fun with each other? Why are we far to serious? Lets enjoy life more and learn from other countries and cultures!
Why compare us to Thailand?

Inspire was founded by Brits, only initially in Thailand, and after spending over 9 years in Thailand founder, Dan Cheeseman, reluctantly accepts the idea of relocating to the UK would be very difficult now. “I worked in a well paid job in London and had everything I wished for” Dan quotes, “Yet it was only moving abroad that woke me up to just how structured and chained to the UK system I, and everyone else, had become. I forgot how to really live”.

Thailand, as well documented, is not without its issues and an average Brit has a far higher disposable income than an average Thai, but for all these advantages you rarely see a smile on people faces as they go about their lives. In Thailand it is impossible not to smile at complete strangers as you go about your working routine here. People are just happier, and happier with each other too.

full article
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Re: Why Can’t Us Brits enjoy life like Thais?
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2017, 02:59:05 PM »
i have always enjoyed reading the inspire team articles in the past,this one may i sugest is written by someone who has suddenly realised there is a difference between Thailand and the UK. which we already know that,you
cannot change the people of kent asking them to smile and say hello as you walk past others in the street,you might get locked up these days,anyway lots of people don't speak english in the UK anymore. ;D
a contradiction to the article for which side of our brain we use

there is an interesting bit i found on a quick overview of how the brain processes information.

Left Brain Vs Right Brain

The human brain is made up of two halves. These halves are commonly called the right brain and left brain, but should more correctly be termed ‘hemispheres’. For some reason, our right and left hemispheres control the ‘opposite’ side of our bodies, so the right hemisphere controls our left side and processes what we see in our left eye while the left hemisphere controls the right side and processes what our right eye sees.

So as you know, the human brain consists of the right brain and the left brain. The shapes of these two parts are similar, but differences have been gradually found in their functions. The left brain is also referred to as the digital brain. It controls reading and writing, calculation, and logical thinking. The right brain is referred to as the analog brain. It controls three-dimensional sense, creativity, and artistic senses. These two work together, to allow us to function as humans.
ignorance does not help your post one bit but it probably says an awful lot about you.