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Two dead 100mph storms
« on: January 04, 2012, 10:44:50 AM »
Two dead as 100mph storms cause chaos across Britain

Gales of more than 100mph battered Britain yesterday, killing two people.

 A builder was killed in Kent when his van was crushed by a falling tree, while a crewman died when a tanker was hit by a huge wave in the English Channel.

And a bus driver was left seriously injured when a tree flattened his single-decker.

Wind-lashed lorries were overturned, roads, bridges, ports and rail routes had to be closed and flights were cancelled as storms wrought havoc across the country.

Rivers flooded and roofs were ripped off as millions of pounds worth of damage was caused to homes and buildings.

Members of the public even reported roads crumbling under the force of heavy rainfall in Gillingham, Kent.

Power cuts hit 70,000 homes nationwide after electricity lines were brought down.

The builder who died was in his 50s and eating his lunch at the wheel of his VW Transporter when the 60ft oak crashed down. Incredibly, his passenger survived – having bent forward to pick up a dropped lighter in the footwell at the moment of impact.

Residents in Tunbridge Wells were able to pull him from the wreckage of the van – which belonged to family building firm C A Hayes of nearby Tonbridge – but the driver was pronounced dead by paramedics.

Onlooker Gary Heasman, 34, said: “There was an almighty cracking sound and I heard my daughter scream ‘Oh my God!’”

He freed the survivor, adding: “He was very badly shaken but joked he must be the only man alive who owes his life to being a smoker.”

The second victim died after Falmouth Coastguard rescued three crew from the Annie PG tanker.

And the injured bus driver in Witley, Surrey, was at the wheel when a 6ft-wide oak fell on the vehicle. The one passenger on board was unhurt.

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