Author Topic: The US President-elect has secured another victory - in the uk  (Read 843 times)

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The US President-elect has secured another victory, this time in scotland. I wonder if the ordinary guy in the street would have got the same result :(

Trump wins appeal over giant flagpole on golf course

The 81-foot (25-metre) flagpole was put up without planning permission at the billionaire's Trump International Golf Links in Scotland, the country where his mother was born.

The giant pole, used to fly a saltire (Scotland's flag), is situated near the clubhouse of the Aberdeenshire course.

When the relevant approvals were sought retrospectively, a committee at Aberdeenshire Council refused in April to grant full permission for the flagpole "on the grounds of the visual impact... due to its scale".

But Trump, elected last week to be the next president of the United States in a stunning victory, has now been allowed to keep the structure following an appeal to Scottish ministers.

Members of the community said he broke promises on creating jobs and rode roughshod over concerns about construction.

The tycoon has two golf courses in Scotland. 

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