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The Typhoon aircraft intercepted the Qatar Airways flight following reports a note had been passed to crew saying a bomb was on board

This is the moment a man was marched from a plane at Manchester Airport by armed police following a terrifying mid-flight bomb threat in which an RAF fighter jet was scrambled.

It’s understood the man arrested had allegedly passed a letter to a member of the cabin crew claiming there was a bomb on board the A330-300 Qatar Airways flight QTR23 from Doha to Manchester.

Armed officers escorted him off the plane as soon as it landed in Manchester. He is now being held in custody on suspicion of making a hoax bomb threat.

The first reports came in at just after 1pm, with images of the fighter jets being tweeted by bewildered passengers.

Manchester Airport was in a state of full emergency as firefighters and ambulances were scrambled to the scene amid reports that a passenger had handed a threatening note to crew.

The plane was then escorted into land by the Typhoon aircraft launched from RAF Coningsby, near Lincolnshire.

It was parked in front of a Terminal Two cargo area stand.

The M.E.N. captured photographs of a man being escorted from the plane by armed police. Earlier a passenger Tweeted a picture of the man in the cabin being arrested on board soon after the Airbus landed.

Other jets waiting to land were seen circling over the M66 near Rawtenstall as the airfield was closed down and road blocks put in place around the airport.

Residents around the airport reported emergency service convoys heading toward the terminals.

About an hour later air traffic control reported departures and arrivals to be back to normal. A private plane from Miami carrying the Manchester United team home from their US pre-season tour looked like it was going to have to be diverted but landed safely at Terminal 1.

A Qatar Airways spokesman said: “The crew onboard had received a threat about a possible device on board and Qatar Airways immediately took all the necessary precautions to alert British authorities. The crew is now fully assisting police at the airport with their inquiries. The safety and well-being of our passengers and crew is our top priority. As this is a matter of a police investigation, we cannot comment further at this time.”

Passengers onboard the flight, which had been due in at 1.15pm, took to Twitter as the drama unfolded.

Josh Hartley, who tweeted updates and pictures throughout the ordeal, said passengers on the flight were not given any information about the security alert during the flight - and they found out details of the incident via social media.

“We were not told anything”, said Josh, as he waited on the plane.

“We got nothing from [the cabin crew] whatsoever. We had no contact and no information apart from what we saw on Twitter.”

Asked how passengers had reacted to seeing the fighter jet alongside the plane, he said: “I think it was pretty calm all the way through but I think some people were shaken up.”

Josh said that armed police were boarding the plane during the interview and said that a passenger had been escorted off the flight.

A spokeswoman from National Air Traffic Services (NATS) confirmed a military aircraft had escorted a plane into land.

An RAF spokesman said: “We can confirm that Typhoon aircraft were launched from RAF Coningsby in their quick reaction alert role this afternoon to investigate a civilian aircraft whose pilot had requested assistance. The aircraft was escorted to Manchester where it landed safely. This incident is now being handled by the civilian authorities”

Eye witnesses across Greater Manchester inundated the M.E.N. with reports of what they have seen.

Ken Wedderburn, 44, a resident of Ringway, Wythenshawe, directly beneath the flight path, said: “I was in the bathroom at the back of the house when I heard it come over.

“We knew straight away it was a military aircraft, it was very loud and very scary.

“The fighter jet came right up behind the airbus and then shot round it then followed it right into the airport.”

He added: “The next thing we saw was three fire engines just ripping up the road towards the airport.”

It’s understood all roads around the airport have now been closed.

Another said: “I saw the fighter jet come from nowhere on the heels of the passenger plane. It seemed really close and was incredibly noisy. I thought it was going to hit the plane. It was circling so close. The jet looked like it was following the plane to the airport..”

Another said: ”It came over my house,. It was so loud. It was a fighter jet and looked like it was heading to Manchester Airport.”

A Manchester airport spokesman said: "The airport reopened after a twenty five minute runway closure.  A number of incoming flights were diverted to nearby airports. Passenger safety remains the priority of the airline and airport.” 


Military Jets Escort Qatar Airways Plane To Manchester Airport
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