Author Topic: 7 dead after jet in UK airshow crashes - video  (Read 1198 times)

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7 dead after jet in UK airshow crashes - video
« on: August 23, 2015, 11:44:42 AM »
Police say 7 dead after jet in UK airshow crashes into road

 A military jet taking part in a British airshow crashed into a busy main road Saturday, killing seven people and injuring more than a dozen others, police said.

The Hawker Hunter fighter jet, which was participating in the Shoreham Airshow near Brighton in southern England, hit several vehicles on a nearby road as it crashed Saturday afternoon. Witnesses told local TV that the jet appeared to have crashed when it failed to pull out of a loop maneuver.

West Sussex Police said seven people died at the scene and one patient with life-threatening injuries was taken to the hospital. Another 14 people were treated for minor injuries.

full article:               Video credit@euronews

Moment fighter jet crashes into motorway during air show, UK
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Re: 7 dead after jet in UK airshow crashes - video
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2015, 08:04:23 PM »
Thaiga. Possibly 20 victims now. Just queuing on the A27 around Shoreham, minding their own business..... Was there myself a few weeks ago.
I must say that, even in the view of the fact my Dad was ex-RAF, I think the attitude to safety at Air Shows is MORE than questionable.
Apart from accidents in the UK this year, I have a small inside track on this.
A relative, with connections with these sort of Pilots and Shows, was at the Fairford ? show where the Vulcan bomber, flying again and restored after many years, made it's last flight. I don't know if you have seen the aged Vulcan but I remember maybe 25 years ago, it taking off at Culdrose at about 45 degree angle - and the ground was shaking from half a mile away...........
Apparently at Fairford ? - this year, just after take off - it made a very dangerous manoeuvre, unreported.
And a few years ago the Vulcan made a fly-by for my friend on it's way to Fairford again.
Maybe the 'gung ho' attitudes from WW2 are not a good measure for safety standards in these days of ski helmets, cycling helmets and so on.
All sympathy to the injured Pilot of the Shoreham Hawker Hunter, but at 55, it seems to me, he was just too old to be flying loops over packed air shows and dual carriageways - and looping FAR FAR too low (even to the uneducated watcher).
On the age point, I wonder how old the oldest red arrows pilot, with proper training and health checks, in a MODERN aeroplane is ????
RIP and stop it happening again !