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FDA and police raid Asia Slim factory in Nakhon Ratchasima

Police and  Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials yesterday raided  Asia Slim factory  and seized  products  worth more than 2 million baht after it was discovered to contain the hazardous compound “Sibutramine”.

Leading the raid was Dr Thares Krassanai-Rawiwong the deputy permanent secretary of the Public Health Ministry, and Dr Wanchai Sataya-Wuhtiphong, the FDA secretary-general.

At the press conference, they said the raid netted  products made by Asia Slim which include  food and weight loss supplements  which  contain Sibutramine.

Furthermore, they stated that the company also employed extravagant advertising practices claiming unrealistic benefits.

The FDA officials were accompanied by officers from the Consumer Protection Police Division and officials from the Nakhon Ratchasima Provincial Health Office and carried out an inspection on four  distribution outlets of Asia Slim.

They found that the products were advertised as weight loss supplements but when the packages were opened,  pills were found inside.

Batches of incorrectly labeled cosmetics were also found.

All the items were seized and are estimated to be worth more than 2 million Baht.

The products will be sent to the Department of Medical Sciences to be tested.

Sibutramine is an appetite suppressant classified as a Type 1 substance which has negative side effects on mental and brain functions. The substance has been banned in many countries including Thailand.

Dr Thares said by law, anyone found distributing products containing Sibutramine is subject to jail term from 4 to 20 years and a fine  anywhere between 400,000 to 2 million baht.

He warn consumers who wish to lose weight to not depend on weight loss supplements. A better, and less dangerous, way is to change eating habits and exercise regularly.
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