Author Topic: Hospital accused of kidney theft after cancer misdiagnosis  (Read 463 times)

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Sinawaporn Homklang, 33, second right, accompanied by her 56-year-old mother, files her complaint at the Udon Thani provincial hall in Udon Thani province on Friday. (Photo by Yuttapong Kumnodnae)

UDON THANI: A 33-year-old woman has accused Udon Thani Hospital of stealing her kidney during surgery to remove her womb and ovaries after a misdiagnosis that she had cancer.

inawaporn Homklang, a former employee of Prince of Songkla University in Songkhla province's Hat Yai district, outlined her complaint at the provincial hall complaints centre on Friday,

She said that on June 16 she suffered pain in her abdomen. At Hat Yai Hospital she was diagnosed with an intestinal obstruction, with a recommendation she be admitted for hospital treatment.

She decided to return to her native province of Udon Thani for treatment.

The symptoms recurred upon her arrival in Udon Thani and she sought immediate treatment at Udon Thani Hospital. A duty doctor diagnosed her with chocolate cysts (noncancerous, fluid-filled cysts) in her ovaries and intestine, and recommended an injection to dissolve them.

Although her symptoms improved, a senior doctor arrived, diagnosed her with cancer and insisted that she needed surgery. The doctor rejected her request for an examination of a tissue sample before committing to surgery.

Later, she agreed to the operation. Afterwards she was informed that her womb and ovaries were removed and her rectum relocated. Her relatives were not informed of the details during the operation, Ms Sinawaporn said.

Two weeks later the hospital informed her that she did not have cancer. She made a complaint and received 240,000 baht in compensation.

On Nov 9, she returned to Udon Thani Hospital to seek the restoration of her rectum. A doctor there warned her she should not work too hard because she had only one kidney left. She was very surprised and wondered if her kidney was taken for any vested interest.

Ms Sinawaporn said she was the sole breadwinner of her family and now she could neither work hard nor have a baby. Her Singaporean boyfriend, who had planned to marry her next year, was distancing himself from her.

The director of the hospital, Dr Narong Tadadet, said the missing kidney complaint was new and would be investigated.

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Re: Hospital accused of kidney theft after cancer misdiagnosis
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A slightly different version in in The Nation:

Woman claims specialist's misdiagnosis cost her ovary, womb and kidney

A 33-year-old woman has accused a medical specialist of malpractice which led to the removal of her ovary and womb and the loss of one of her kidneys without permission.

“My life has been turned upside down because of his actions. At one point, I almost wanted to commit suicide,” Sinawaporn Homklang said on Friday.

She did not identify the specialist, but made it clear he works at Udon Thani Hospital.

Sinawaporn said that before she met the doctor, she was preparing to marry her Singaporean boyfriend and migrate to the island state. They planned to open a nursery there.

She said her future husband “wants to have a baby. But after I underwent the operation, I have become estranged from him.”

Sinawaporn says she was initially diagnosed with intestinal obstruction in Songkhla province on June 16, this year, where she worked.

After she got better and was discharged from the hospital she went to her hometown of Udon Thani to consult her mother, who is a health volunteer.

While in Udon Thani, she said her symptoms became worse and she went to see a doctor at Udon Thani Hospital where she was hospitalised pending further diagnosis.

During her stay in hospital, she said a doctor told her she might have a chocolate cyst and it could be treated without a surgery. The specialist later concluded that there was 80 per cent probability that she had cancer.

“I requested a double-check with endoscopy but he refused,” Sinawaporn said.

She said she was coerced into agreeing to have surgery on June 26, in the belief that she had cancer.

“Following the surgery, I was told that my tissue had no cancer indication,” Sinawaporn added.

After spending more than a month at the hospital, she said she found out that records at the hospital did not show that her ovary and womb had been removed.

“My mother [went] to check the records because she wondered why I was not prescribed hormones after womb/ovary removal,” Sinawaporn said.

After finding the suspicious records, she decided to file a complaint with several authorities.

On October 22, the Udon Thani Public Health Office offered Sinawaporn Bt240,000 compensation but she turned it down.

To add to her suffering, Sinawaporn said that on November 9, just as she was trying to remove the need to use a colostomy bag, she was told by another doctor that she had only one kidney.

“The doctor has advised me not to work hard because I have just one kidney. How can such a thing happen?” Sinawaporn said.

Accompanied by her mother, Sinawaporn on Friday lodged another complaint with the government’s complaint-receiving centre in Udon Thani province.

“Now, I can’t help wondering if the medical specialist wants me to undergo the surgery so that he can take my kidney,” Sinawaporn said.

She hoped he would be investigated for criminal and disciplinary wrongdoings.

Udon Thani Hospital’s director Dr Narong Thadadej said the Udon Thai Public Health Office would need to investigate the case further because it had only recently received the report that Sinawaporn's kidney was also missing.