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The Office of the Consumer Protection Board (OCPB) has called for the regulation of amusement park rides and other thrill equipment after a video clip of a bungy ride that malfunctioned went viral on the internet on Sunday.
OCPB secretrary-general Jirachai Moontongroi said on Wednesday that Thailand has no laws to ensure that outdoor and indoor amusement machines and equipment are safe.

"We need more than just the Building Control Act, because many operators are now offering more amusement machines for play," Mr Jirachai said. "It's easy for these operators, because they can just get permits from local administration organisations."

He said the OCPB and the Department of Public Works and Town and Country Planning have been pushing for passage of regulatory laws, but for some reason there had been no progress.

"Amusement park operators need to see to the safety of visitors as a priority. They should regularly inspect all their rides and machinery, and not just wait for them to break down and then fix them later," Mr Jirachai said.

The operator of Santorini Park in Cha-am said on Wednesday its G-Max Reverse Bungy amusement ride, which malfunctioned seconds before it was due to activate, was imported from New Zealand and the manufacturer had already sent people to inspect the equipment.

According to the Santori announcement, Thailand has no specific laws on amusement equipment.  Therefore, the Santorini Park operator had asked for a building and building modification licence from local authority.

"The amusement machines and buildings at Santorini Park meet international standards," the company statement said.

The reverse bungy ride sends people into the air along a guidewire, as opposed to the terrifying dive of a bungy jump.

The first video clip below was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, showing a cord of the G-Max Reverse Bungy snapping just before the machine was about to launch. The three people in the launch seat were unhurt.

The second video shows how the G-Max Reverse Bungy works.

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G-MAX Reverse Bungy @ Santorini Park Cha-Am


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