Author Topic: 4-year old girl quarantined in Chaiyaphum suspicion of contracting MERS  (Read 725 times)

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4-year old girl quarantined in Chaiyaphum hospital under suspicion of contracting MERS

 A four-year old girl who returned from South Korea on June 9 with her mother has been quaranteened at Chaiyaphum provincial hospital for observation after she developed symptoms suspected to be caused by MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndromes).

The girl was sent to Kaeng Kraw district hospital on June 19 by her parents after she had a fever, coughed with a running nose and developed coarse voice. Doctors at the hospital later decided to have her sent to the provincial hospital after finding out that her symptoms match those caused by MERS.

Doctors at Chaiyaphum provincial hospital said that the girl would have to be kept in quarantine for 15 days under close observation to determine whether she was infected with MERS or not.

However, the doctors pleaded with people in the province not to be panic and that they would be informed about the progress of the case on regular basis.

Meanwhile, management of Airport Link has taken precaution in coping with MERS by equipping its staff with face masks and disinfectant.

Disinfectant is available for passengers at all ticket booths in all stations. Passenger cabins and hand rails have also been scrubbed with alcohol or disinfectant to ensure cleanliness.
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