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Why red fanta
« on: August 13, 2016, 12:39:26 PM »
I've noticed when people give offerings to Budah, they always use red fanta for the drink, Anyone know why.

My wife's sister on occasions gives the offering of food and drink to Budah, nothing wrong with that, She believes when she dies she will never be hungry, for her good deeds, again nothing wrong with that. Some put a pigs head on the shrine and then boil up what's left, tom yum, whatever.

Here's the story ...

My thai sister inlaw puts a large cooked fish out for an offering to Budah, it looked delicious, Alloy i said, they like fish eat all, she replied, i smiled and walked away thinking, who eats all. I asked Mrs.T. who eats the fish where does it go, She smiled and said,
why you think cat she so pompuey

So why the red fanta ...
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Re: Why red fanta
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Why red fanta - Is it a Fanta sea ::)

The thai view or belief, that the spirits from past, guard over the your land or house, so a house is built for them, what we call a shrine, offerings are given.

I don't think thai's think of the religion side of it so much, more of a way of life. Some things might seem strange to us, the same as easter eggs might be strange to thai people.

fanta is the favorite offering known as Nam Daeng it has been for decades. There are several unconfirmed theories of how red Fanta became the Thai people's choice of offering.

So the red Fanta mystery lives on, some say red is a favourite colour, others say the colour of blood and is a replacement for a blood sacrifice.

BUT ... The real reason could be that the spirits like it
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Re: Why red fanta - Sacred ground
« Reply #2 on: August 16, 2016, 03:13:05 PM »
A bit more on the religious beliefs of some ... Some extracts taken from

Thailand the country that most truly believe in spirits and supernatural power.  this country is about as occult as it gets, you have believers in spirits and supernatural power. There's a festival to the gods where possessed devotees stick sharp objects through their bodies, also you have monks who use their supernatural powers to charge amulets.

Thailand has many different religious beliefs. However, Buddha and the community of monks Sangha are all above the rest. People in thailand believe monks are revered for possessing supernatural powers. That is why Buddhist monasteries or Wats, are considered sacred ground where no evil spirit dare step foot inside. It is said that monks are also protected from harm by evil spirits.

This is where Karma, Heaven & Hell come in, do good leads to merit, do no good leads to demerit, karma is very important in the minds of the Thai people, which might determine their place in the next life. They say there are 136 levels of hell in the Buddhist cosmology, none of them are pleasant, So based on the sinning you done when you was alive, you will be judged in the afterlife, which will determine to which one of these hell's you go to.

The story is, if you were greedy and stole money in your first life, you will become a hungry ghosts or Phii Pret as there called and you will be continually hungry but unable to satisfy your hunger. If you good karma is high, you could end up spending time in the company of deities in one of the many magnificent heavens and enjoy hours of bliss and pleasure, until your store of good karma has run out and it’s time to be reborn. Also acquiring good karma is important to Thai people. Mostly though, it’s not the afterlife they are worried about, but success in this life.

So the belief is, by giving alms, food, money to monks, or by donating to a monastery, you get beneficial karma, protection and good luck in this life. Even just being in the monks presence as they meditate or chant is thought to be beneficial for your karma.
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