Author Topic: Who would write this?  (Read 753 times)

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Who would write this?
« on: November 25, 2016, 06:11:29 AM »
Driving near my in-laws home, I noticed this sprayed message on the side of an abandoned restaurant opposite kids academy.  Have a look.  The chosen language is English.  Wouldn't it behoove a Thai to write in Thai to get his / her message across?  Also, the formation of the letters is not typical on how Thais write letters of the alphabet.  For example, the letter G, which a Thai will almost always attach a little hyphen thing (like they do with the number 1) to the top.  Also, the capital letter I <-- is almost always written like this and not l.  The word Thainess is used and equating it to greed. In other words this person is targeting Thais specifically. The word ,"Baathism." Here something interesting.  I doubt any Thais even know what that word means, let alone use it, unless they copied this message from seeing it somewhere else. The land was for sale there, and perhaps someone got screwed or something.  Still, I don't believe a Thai wrote this.  I took out a paper and asked my wife to write these messages down.  Like I said earlier, Thais have a specific way of writing characters.  it wasn't even close.

What's your take on this?  I just found this kind of odd.  Have a look at these pics I took.

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Re: Who would write this?
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2016, 08:45:01 AM »
"Justice for AU" - Could the AU refer to a nationality, maybe the guy who got busted in Hua Hin a couple of days ago for growing and selling weed? Maybe his farang customers get excited about not only having their supply line cut, but also about him releasing or already having released a list of his business connections, who expect to get approached now to "donate" heavily to the Thai penal system.