Author Topic: Trombone player SNEEZES into his instrument mid concert ♦ video  (Read 397 times)

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Captured: Hilarious moment trombone player SNEEZES into his instrument mid concert after ambition gets the better of him and he carries on playing

It is any musician's worst nightmare - feeling the need to sneeze mid-performance.

And for this poor trombone player, that nightmare became a reality - and ended with rather embarrassing consequences.

At first, all seems well during the concert - held at St Luke's Parish Church in Tiptree, Essex.

Man sneezes into his trombone during concert

But disaster strikes when the unnamed member of the London Central Fellowship Band gets ambitious - and decides he can persevere despite feeling the need to sneeze.

And, thinking he can hold it in, the musician powers through - momentarily at least.

Unfortunately, his ambition gets him nowhere - and he sneezes into his instrument, making a loud trumping noise mid-way through the rendition.

Ever professional, the band continue without falling about laughing.

In fact, the conductor barely seems to notice - carrying on without batting and eyelid.

A video-friendly member of the audience who taped the concert decided to upload the hilarious footage onto YouTube.

It has now been watched over 650,000 times.

Sneezes at 0:12 sounds more like flatulence :evilgrin
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