Author Topic: The strangest thing you’ve heard an expat complain about?  (Read 1100 times)

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Well! it's time for another post from Headed - The strangest thing you’ve heard an expat complain about?
  I suppose that could include forums as well  ;D I have heard a guy complaining that nobody understands him, wonder why that is duh.
another moaning because beer has gone up by 10bht, really this is too much  ::)

The strangest thing you’ve heard an expat complain about?

At dinner tonight I overheard an older couple (British I think) complain to each other during the entire meal about how difficult it is to get their helicopter into Thailand.

Rich people problems.

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 Thailand_Throwaway 36 points 10 days ago
Not that strange when you realize these are the type of people who complain about people everywhere, no matter what country they are in.

Most of the bitter expats who complain about Thai people would be happy to engage you in a conversation about how much they hate people in their own country too.

Bitter people are bitter regardless of what country they are in.

calzennChiang Mai 0 points 10 days ago
I am willing to bet money they hang out mainly in 'beer bars'

BeerHorseBangkok 16 points 10 days ago
Complaining about how nobody here understands what they're saying - whilst speaking english.

upvotersfortruthBuriram 3 points 8 days ago
Complaining is the Expat national pastime here. Most of every week is spent preparing inane things to complain about while drinking changs with your mates on the weekend.

realityfiend12 1 point 6 days ago
Is that the same overweight, balding, middle-aged expat that makes youtube videos almost exclusively about ...

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