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The colour of your skin
« on: January 10, 2018, 04:24:17 PM »
How the colour of a thai girls skin matters so much to so many, like a class thing, she may be intelligent good looking nice figure, but oh no! she has dark skin, seems almost unbelievable how it matters in thailand. The beauty and skin colour even uneducated does it matter to some farangs, according to an article in bit of an insult really, I have been asked the following question by Thais many times in Thailand:

“Why do many farang get with poor, dark, uneducated, ‘not-beautiful’ Thai girls? “

There are a number of reasons for this, but above all else it’s probably because these girls actually have some depth and character.  Because of their ‘bad looks’ (in Thai eyes), they have had to develop a personality to get by.  Well their dark skin is not going to do them any favours is it?  And as for being uneducated – it depends what you define as educated. 

Often these girls speak much better English than the ‘educated’ girls – simply because their jobs have demanded it (e.g. working in guest houses, tourist restaurants, and bars).  Also, because they have directly interacted with far more people from around the world, they are far more ‘worldly’. Besides Thai schools and universities are hardly world-renowned – often education simply boils down to money – anyone can go to university if they are prepared to pay for it.

Apart from the very top Thai universities then, to put a girl who has gone to university above a girl who never had the opportunity to do so is a little unfair.  Especially when very often the ‘educated’ girl knows far less about the world than the one who didn’t go, but instead starting working in a guest house at 16.       

Below I have kindly compiled a list of 5 things you should do if you want to have the best chance of finding a respectable farang boyfriend and, most importantly, keeping him.  Read it, live it, and trust me – you will have thousands of decent farang guys (i.e. not douches but interesting, genuine, attractive and intelligent guys) to choose from.

The Five Rules to help you get the dream farang guy

1.  Be Original and Worldly

There are millions of pretty Thai girls who like Maroon 5 and Pitbull.  Yet how about actually listening to some decent music?  Amazing as this sounds - there are actually many different genres of 'farang' music!  Jing lor?  Jing jing si!  And not all of them fit neatly into the category of meaningless cr@p like Maroon 5 and Pitbull.  With websites like YouTube and Spotify you have no excuse not to broaden your musical horizons.  A Thai girl who knows a bit about music is extremely attractive to a farang guy – even if he doesn’t like the music she listens to.  What it tells him is that this girl doesn’t follow the crowd, is prepared to try new things, knows what she likes, and thinks outside the box.  Now how can that not be attractive? 

One of the first things I do if I go into a girl’s bedroom is scan her CD collection.  Many potential relationships have died within seconds of seeing what was there.  But with Thai girls I'm prepared to make an exception - they get points just for having a CD collection!

Music taste is just one example of how you can show your originality and individuality.  Another is by taking an interest in the world around you.  Reading books is so important (I rarely see Thais reading books) to help you learn about the world.  You can even read books on your beloved iPad or iPhone so you really have no excuse!  If a Thai girl reads and shows interest in the world it is extremely attractive.  It tells a potential long-term boyfriend that this girl is keen to learn and grow, and that she will be far more likely to hold interesting conversations with him.  Now that's wife material!

2.  Dress to Express and Impress:

Another way you can show a guy that you are an individual and not like everyone else is in the way you dress.  Always dress with imagination and originality.  Wearing labels impresses no one but those who are impressed by the shallowest of things – money.  Besides, wearing labels means you too have a label – it’s called unoriginality.   
While many Thais are impressed with superficial things like expensive labels, Western guys who have any personality certainly won’t be.  Farang guys are impressed by girls who have their own style and don’t follow the crowd.  Cheap clothes can make you look like a million dollars if worn the right way.  Buy and wear what you feel good in – not what ‘they’ say you should be wearing.  Confidence will always be the most attractive of personal attributes for the opposite sex so be yourself and express this in the way you dress.

Oh, and please remember that coloured contact lenses are scary!  Everyone knows that Thai girls have brown or black eyes only – they look great and are natural so leave them alone!  By trying to have blue, grey or green eyes you are NOT being original – you just scary.  Please only wear them at Halloween.

3.  Grow up!
Ok, so Hello Kitty is nice and cute and everything – but it's for 5 year olds.  What is it with Thai girls and wanting to be like innocent little children?!  Any man who finds that attractive is not a man you want to attract – he is called a paedophile.  And trust me, you don’t want him to be the father of your kids.  You don't want him anywhere near your kids for that matter. 

Seriously girls - think about it.  If a 28 year old guy walked around making machine gun noises and wearing a Spiderman outfit, would you want to date him?  Or would you sooner report him to the nearest police officer?  So dress and behave like a woman – not a little girl.  Trust me - a Western guy does not want to introduce his ‘25-going-on-6-year-old’ girlfriend to his friends and family.  It’s embarrassing. 

4.  Put your phone away!

 Now if you are a Thai girl reading this chances are you are reading it on your phone.  And chances are that phone is an iPhone.  Do me two favours please – firstly don’t put away your phone just yet – read to the end of this article first.  And secondly – next time you buy a phone – buy the best phone around – not just an iPhone.  I know they are nice and ‘hi-so’ but how about being original, eh?  Think about what I said above - stop following the crowd as it’s unattractive!

I have gone on dates with Thai girls and they have barely taken their eyes away from their phones.  Now I know I’m no oil painting – but c’mon – are you not aware of how rude this is?  There is no way a date would last in the West if either of the daters was constantly looking at their phone.  It wouldn’t be long before someone got slapped!  And rightfully so.  Why then is this behaviour tolerated in Thailand?  Is everyone too polite to point out how rude it is?!  Even if you were from another planet you would accept that this is the height of bad manners, so just don’t do it!

Now if you are simply unable to go on a date with a farang guy without staring at your phone you clearly shouldn’t be dating a farang.  Just think of how much of an awkward situation this looks to observers.  It will make him look boring and feel very uncomfortable.  It also shows everyone what you are like as a person - uninteresting, thoughtless, rude.  You are clearly better off going back to the Thai guy who is happy to have you as his trophy girlfriend – sitting in silence and taking selfies – while he gets drunk and watches football with his mates – mot gaew!!

5.  Don't be so self-obsessed

I once came up with a quote which I felt was quite profound.  It is certainly apt for rule number 5.

 Do you always take pictures of yourself and think this is normal?  Do you constantly upload pictures of yourself and your dinner onto Facebook?  Do you think the world wants to know when you are having a face mask, cutting your toenails, or going to bed?  Do you think you have personality?  If you answered yes to the first three questions then the answer to the fourth is automatically NO.

Always on your phone – repeatedly taking pictures of yourself – counting how many ‘likes’ you get – this suggests that, apart from having no personality, you also:

Crave attention from others as you’re very insecure.
Need to remind yourself that you are popular through ‘likes’ – but deep down have very few, if any, true friends.  And, believe me, many of your girlfriends secretly resent you.
Have no originality and nothing of interest to say.
Are seriously vain.

And please – please – please – never ‘like’ your own pictures – it just rubber-stamps all of the above.
Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.

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Re: The colour of your skin
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2018, 02:04:41 PM »
i am surprised that nobody has replied to this thread,too busy poking their nose into other counties goings on to debate on close to home laughable articles.

Hello Kitty,how stupid even a member of my family has Hello Kitty suitcases. maybe they don't want to grow up as it gets all serious.

Put your phone away, that's worldwide not just in this country. when we now go for a family meal all the telephones are piled in one heap on the table.the first one that reaches for their phone pays the bill, we actually now have conversation.

now were is that frock ;)
ignorance does not help your post one bit but it probably says an awful lot about you.