Author Topic: Statue randomly emerges from ground so crowds assemble to worship it  (Read 352 times)

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Bit by bit, a statue of a hermit is slowly rising from the ground each day in the front yard of a Ratchaburi family, who cannot be happier.

Sampao Ngamjam, 54, said she spotted a mysterious white object under a tree for the first time on Sunday when she was chilling out in front of her house.

She told her husband Suthep Ngamjam, who first thought the object was a mushroom. But upon closer inspection, they were shocked to see a freaking hermit head rising from the ground.

At first the hermit only had his chin above the ground, Sampao said, but now he has risen to his shoulder. At that rate, the ascension could see the statue levitate up to heaven as soon as next week.

After the news spread, many have traveled to worship the hermit, including one know-it-all psychic who explained to the couple that the hermit's name is “Kao” or Grand Father Kao, and he has been living on the premises for over a century.

Suthep said he will hold a proper ceremony to invite the hermit out from the earth and will build a shrine, so the spirit can protect his family, Thai News Agency reported.

Video + pics HERE:
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