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There is an article in today’s Times about how an obscure satirical tweet blew up into a major crisis.  Better be careful what we post on here. This is part of the article:-

“Fury over claim that Harold Wilson’s statue should be torn down.”  Last week, as authorities reviewed their monuments to consider whether any might give offence, a row broke out about Huddersfield’s most famous son.

A proposal was made that the town’s statue of the former Labour leader should be removed because of his role as prime minister during the Nigerian civil war, a catastrophe that cost many thousands of African lives.

The appeal to Kirklees council was fiercely resisted by Huddersfield’s Labour MP Barry Sheerman, who described as “total nonsense” the idea “that Harold Wilson, who I knew well, was a racist”. His angry riposte became a local news story and it spread to social media where, among other things, a Conservative MP joined in, calling the idea of removing Wilson “complete lunacy”.

As indeed it was. It was also, however, a completely friendless proposition. The call for removal not only ended up on social media, it started there. It was the eccentric notion of an anonymous individual who posts on Twitter under the name “ReetYorky Pud”, accompanying his tweets with a picture of a Yorkshire pudding.

The pudding person has fewer than 250 followers and their “Wilson must go” call has been retweeted 15 times. I’m not convinced that he even wants to remove the statue. British policy in Nigeria in the 1960s remains controversial but I suspect from his other tweets that ReetYorky Pud was just being satirical.
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