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Quentin Letts for Grouch King
« on: March 17, 2015, 09:01:08 AM »
This is lifted from the paper we are not supposed to read.  Really first class grouch:-

Scots Nationalist leader Nicola Sturgeon, tickling the London Left’s underbelly, was subtle, wry – and, naturally, an economic lunatic. They loved her!
She made a speech at the London School of Economics, Labour’s equivalent of holy turf, and called for bigger welfare spending, an end to Trident and more money for Scotland.
The LSE is the sacred wigwam of Fabianism. Posh Islingtonian offspring here squat at the feet of grey-shoed Keynesians and learn that heady brew of snootery and egalitarianism, the distinctive stamp of brahmin Marxists.
Here at the LSE, while chanting ohmm and smoking peacepipes, they worship Sid and Beatrice Webb, the dotty duo of Victorian socialism. From birth they ingest sacred texts by Mother Toynbee and Citizen Aaronovitch and Brother Rusbridger – and believe them!
They denounce Thatcher, idolise Kinnock, as Chinese toddlers once saluted Mao before settling down to breakfast gobblings of garlicky porcupine giblets. The People’s Party is stencilled into their beings like laundry numbers on hotel sheets.

If the old only could, if the young only knew.