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pray for lucky numbers in Surin
« on: December 28, 2017, 01:31:53 PM »
Superstition abounds after ‘ancient’ pot found in Surin

 A man has returned a coloured stone he found at an excavation site in Surin’s Khwao Sinarin district after having a “weird” dream.

“In the dream, he heard the voice of several people coming into his house and calling his name,” Thongbor Sukton, 62, said on Tuesday about his unidentified son’s decision to return the coloured stone.

 Thongbor said her son had gone to the excavation site after hearing from neighbours that a backhoe had hit a pot described as ancient containing bones while excavating soil from a plot of land, locally known as Ta Sang Ak, for landfill to be deposited elsewhere.

Local residents have said there must be valuables at the site and Thongbor’s son was among the crowd rummaging through the area.

Another resident, Sa-nguan Pan-ampan, 51, said her great grandfather had instructed her to not dig in the area.

“I have long heard about mysteries regarding this area, like a woman wearing white walking out of a termite hill,” she said.

Residents sometimes stage traditional dances appealing to sacred beings to pray for lucky numbers in the area.

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