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Non Halal
« on: May 18, 2014, 07:40:13 PM »
This is from Rod Liddle in the Sunday Times.  Johnnie I hope you are not subjected to a fatwa!

What horrors will we next find out about our food? You thought the horseys were bad, the lame and tired horseys in the frozen lasagne? That’s nothing. Now it seems that every time we pop out for some fast food, or even some not-so-fast food, we’re swallowing anti-Christian fundamentalist Islamic meat. Jihadist chickens and radicalised lambs. Hitherto normal, decent western animals that, shortly before their deaths, were converted under duress to an alien creed.

It has been revealed that a large proportion of the meat we buy in supermarkets, or in the chain burger bars and pizzas joints, is halal — that is, slaughtered according to the correct Islamic procedure. That means the beasts must have their throats slit while they are still alive and some bloke has to read out a verse from the Koran while some other bloke burns the Israeli flag and 40 black-clad women ululate, or something. Also, female lambs have to be veiled and must be virgins. I think. I’m not absolutely sure on all the details, but I hope you get the general point.

Most of the big companies — from the high-street staple Pizza Express to the rather downmarket Subway — are serving us halal meat and not caring to tell us about it. They have figured that this is the cheapest and least troublesome means of flogging their largely awful wares.

Westerners, Christians and the like, don’t give a monkey’s how an animal is killed — or indeed precisely what animal it is — so long as it’s cooked all the way through and in a bap. Whereas if you serve a Muslim a chicken that met its end in a manner of which Allah might disapprove, who knows what they might do — or so goes the company thinking. They can get terribly cross, can’t they?

There has been a certain outrage about this and the interesting question is: why? There is an animal welfare issue, but I’m not sure that it is the clincher, given the almost total lack of concern we show about all the other ghastly treatment meted out to the stuff that ends up on our plates.

Further, at least 80% of the animals killed in the appropriate Islamic manner are stunned before their throats are slit. (“Stunned? You’re not kidding, mate — I was gobsmacked. Me a decent Presbyterian chicken and some bearded geezer with a knife starts shouting ‘Allahu akbar’ at me — I’d join the English Defence League if I wasn’t about to be put on a pizza,” a Christian chicken said yesterday.)

Of course we should be annoyed that the big companies do not tell us the meat is all halal — but then, there are an awful lot of really, really horrible things they don’t tell us about their food, aren’t there? Halal slaughter, you might argue, is the least of it.

And then, I suppose, there is the fear that some people might associate halal meat with the establishment they saw while on holiday in Cairo last year, with the skinned camel, surrounded by flies, hanging from a giant hook in 100C heat and perhaps not all the EU’s important regulations regarding butcher’s premises being meticulously observed. Well, sure, fair enough. But I don’t think that’s the point, either.

I think it is simply that an awful lot of people resent the speed at which our country is changing, a feeling exacerbated by last week’s report from Policy Exchange, the liberal Tory think tank, which claimed that within 30 years or 50 years or whatever, our “English identity” will be overthrown. And that this process is happening now with the cheerful connivance of the multinational companies, Pizza Express and Subway, the supermarkets and all the rest.

We do not really care about the way in which chickens are slaughtered, or about the food we eat, frankly; but we worry that a burgeoning minority are getting their preferences placed ahead over the majority. So, no less a legitimate concern, for all that.
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