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Student's desperate messages to brother after realising she left sex toy at home - but they're too late

This might possibly be the most embarrassing thing EVER.

Imagine getting to university, unpacking and realising you've forgotten something important. The remote for the TV, your favourite pair of shoes or that special family photo frame - it's really annoying. Now imagine that item isn't just something you'll miss, but something you REALLY don't want your parents coming across in your absence.

One student left her vibrator in her bedroom at her mum's house, and was understandably horrified when she realised. She messaged her brother Chris to ask him to move it before she spotted it, but they were too late.

He's shared screengrabs of their message exchange, and they're absolutely hilarious.

Speaking to PRETTY52, Chris said: "When she first sent the message I was p****** myself laughing because I was not going to be home until really late and I knew my mum was going to go in and tidy at some point and was obviously going to find the dildo, I just couldn't stop laughing."

And he was right. When he finally got home and went into his sister's room he saw their mum had already moved it. He sent a photo of it in its new home to his sister, which caused all sorts of confusion. She replied saying "What. What does she think it is?

Chris replied: "I just got home and she appears to have put it with your pencils." Thankfully Chris's sister could laugh, and replied saying she was in hysterics. She wrote: "I can't breathe.

"I love that woman. She called me earlier to see that I was home safe and I asked her if she tidied my room... She was like "There wasn't much to tidy but I did hoover the floor." "I was like ummmmmmmmm."

Chris told PRETTY52: "I reckon my mum genuinely didn't know what it was I think she must have thought it was a novelty rubber or something."

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