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Loaning money
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I found this post on one of the brotherly forums.  I just want to say that this is in no way an attack on that forum....but I found this post interesting because this poster who is giving out all this advice borrowed money from ME and several others....including running a tab at a local restaurant.  He told me he needed money for rent, food., etc.  I felt sorry for him and lent him some money...four months later he's still out drinking in the bars having no intention of paying me back until I tightened the screws on him.

 I said to myself. "If this guy is in such dire need of money, how is it that he can afford to go out at night drinking etc?"  In the end, I had to pressure him to pay me back, which he did.  I suspect his Mrs needed the money.  To make a long story short, this individual then tries to frame me by sending an email using a proxy and the name David Strasford to a certain individual here claiming I was working a a certain school without a work permit.  <Completely FALSE. 

The same day he sent this email.  He got in a motorcycle accident, broke his leg and ended up in the hospital.  Som Nom Nah.  I heard he broke his other leg a few months ago.  Karma is a bitch eh Spitfire?

I think when he made this post, he was describing himself, because all this bad mouthing he describes is EXACTLY what he did to me.  Do not EVER lend money to this English teacher (C-Tech).  If you do, be prepared for him to make an attack at you if you ask to be paid back for the money you loaned to him.  Here is a guy who constantly whines about farangs in Korat...typically stating "Does it say social services written on my forehead?  Well Mr P, do I and the rest of the farangs here have "Loan and Financial services" written on our foreheads?   He borrowed money from several people.  I learned my lesson from this incident never to loan money to a foreigner...and I am simply in shock that he has the nerve to make a post like this. 

"Yes, lending money and the motivation behind it is a strange one in places such as here. If you're lending 10k to a mate or something then suppose that's understandable, if he doesn't pay it back then I guess he's not a mate and good that you find it out there and then.

Sums larger than that mentioned above is why we have banks and legal loan companies. If you go to a loan shark (a criminal really) then be prepared for what the deal might be as they are not constrained by the law. Those that loan money in an illegal arena, or be loan sharks, are motivated by greed as unreasonable interest rates will be applied and basically, imo, these type of people that be loan sharks are generally unsavory. These types are often unstable and indifferent and fail to realise that they may not recoup their money.

I'm surprised that foreigners here lend money informally to each other in such amounts, still to this day, and haven't learned from previous examples of how these situations often end up as disasters.

Then get all fired-up and pissy when someone won't pay back, as if it is such a surprise and that they never contemplated it as possible. If that's so, then what a bunch of naive schoolboys. They want the good bit of making easy money but don't like the rub which is the possibility of non payment or disappearance of lender.

Don't tell me that people haven't heard of, or don't remember, the farce of a 'businessman' that operated from next to the Pizza Shop for many years, catching all manner of people in his web of deceit for large amounts of money with promises of all kinds?

Simple rule here is, just don't lend money, period!

If you do then don't whinge like a little girl if it goes south. :roll:

Can't trust anyone really unless it's someone you have known for a very long time and it's only a few thousand baht or something.

Tell them to go to the freaking bank, that's what they are there for. There are some many con men around, especially in places like this. "