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Have a rant
« on: January 22, 2017, 06:44:57 PM »
Have a rant - free while stocks last

Why so loud

Don't matter where you live or where ever you go, there is no getting away from the deafening noise in thailand, the fear of seeing those tube fluorescent different coloured light bulbs. you just know your in for a noisy time.

Whether it's a wedding funeral or a party, you know your in for a sleepless night, be it two kilometers away or more, the noise from the base music is still deafening. Where i live is normally very quite, but when the noise comes, it's just toooooo loud :-[

Those of you that live near a temple or a school or even close to the PYB, will know exactly what i mean. If you go to a party you can't even hear what the person next to you is saying, but that's ok if a local drunk is practising his english on you. Even in places like Big C, lovely cute little sales girl (Oh! wouldni just) and there she is screaming down a microphone, have you noticed they don't stop for breath, Amazing how they do it.

ARR! feel better now

PS: before the F.O.H. brigade arrive, of course Thailand is better for me to live than my home country, in fact Thailand is Like A Broken Drum  "YOU JUST CAN'T BEAT IT"  :evilgrin
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Re: Have a rant
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2017, 11:30:40 AM »
why so loud,that's the way it is here :-[ not all thai people like it,but accept it as culture

yi said the reason for the loudness of music at funerals is to guide the lost spirits back home

understanding thai culture is not easy,ghosts and spirits are a big deal here,you can’t reach the core of Thai people until you get to know all about it. if you are in Isaan, beware of the POP ghost :o

go round up some folk dancers to perform the mighty Phi Fa dance before it’s too late.
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Re: Have a rant
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2017, 11:36:25 PM »

go round up some folk dancers to perform the mighty Phi Fa dance before it’s too late.

phew! saved the day,after all we don't want to be possessed by pussies do we ;D


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Re: Have a rant
« Reply #3 on: January 27, 2017, 12:44:56 PM »
on the subject of noise - loud music has p*ssed me of on a number of occasions at the beach and if i wanted to dig a hole in the sand i would use a bucket n spade, these guys used there car  :evilgrin Who in there right mind would want to draw attention to themselves by blasting out loud music at 3am in the morning, getting drunk in charge of a vehicle.

Rising tide leaves drunk’s pickup sunk in Phuket sand

It took more than seven hours for the owner of a pickup truck to have his vehicle removed from Bang Tao Beach after it got stuck in the sand due to the rising tide.

full story
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Re: Have a rant - Four killed in grenade attack
« Reply #4 on: January 29, 2017, 05:17:11 PM »
Another noisy event is the temple fair, i used to love going to our local one, although the music was deafening, there was still loads of other fun, young girls dancing  :o drinking and i liked the rubbish food for sale. but now alas it is just toooooo dangerous to wander far at night, the minority of idiot youths, all tooled up as if going to war. Bit like below where four people were killed and five injured in a grenade attack. You would think you would be safe in a temple to say the least. Now where did the grenade come from TIT  :spin

Four killed, five injured in grenade attack in Chachoengsao

A brawl between two groups of teenagers at a temple fair in Chachoengsao resulted in a grenade attack that killed four and injured five of them, police said. The attack happened at 1 am Sunday at Amphawan Temple in Tambon Lat Krathing in Sanam Chaiket district.

Police said three teenagers died at the scene and another died at the Sanam Chaiket Hospital. Four others were severely injured and another was slightly hurt.

Saneh Thamkham, an assistant village headman of Moo 6 village, said the temple fair ended at 11:30 pm Saturday night but two groups of teenagers hung around before the brawl stared and one of the lobbed a grenade to rivals.

the nation
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Re: Have a rant
« Reply #5 on: January 29, 2017, 06:53:47 PM »
you would think you would be safe in a temple,i rarely give donations any more,apart from this forum
 ;D ;D ;D

Monk Accused of Hosting Teen Meth Parties at Temple

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Re: Have a rant
« Reply #6 on: January 30, 2017, 10:42:07 PM »
The brawl between two groups of teenagers at a temple fair in Chachoengsao which resulted in a grenade attack that killed four and injured five, two brothers have been arrested.

Now i feel another rant coming on  ::) noise again. every friday morning about six o/clock, it's not even light yet, a guy selling something with one of those trucks with a speaker on the top, he stops right outside our house, uses our lay by for a toilet, his speaker on at full blast  :-[ Well this week i had enough, i jumped outa bed, said to the missus i'm gonna have word with him.
What does he sell anyway.

She said knives  :stab WELL! i thought it's not that loud so i got back into bed  ;)

OHH! the noise, what we have to suffer  ;D ;D ;D

The Bada Bing Babes
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Re: Have a rant - Having a blow
« Reply #7 on: February 11, 2017, 01:39:22 PM »
Peep peep

Another rant about noise, which is so unnecessary, annoying, complete madness, i'm in an underground car park, there's one space left, but a very tight one as the the next car is well over the line. As i'm reversing into the space with my head out the window, looking backwards, unbeknown to me there is a car park attendant about two feet away fom my head, he lets an awfull long peep from his whistle  :cussing right in my friggin ear, what's that all about.

Anyone know the code for their whistles, i know it's two short peeps for keep coming, one long peep for stop and an even louder longer peep with a shriek at the end is your on my foot  ;D
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Re: Have a rant
« Reply #8 on: February 11, 2017, 06:38:21 PM »
some thai people do not like it as well,the guy is given the whistle with his uniform,now he is in
charge,proud to have the he blows and blows  :-[

there is in some places in Bangkok a whistle free zone where building owners have agreed to replace whistles with light batons. noise pollution is a very serious environmental problem. the effects of loud noise can range from restlessness and sleep deprivation to stress and hearing loss. The longer you listen to loud noise, the more prone you are to these physical and mental dangers.

they even have a website.
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Re: Have a rant
« Reply #9 on: February 13, 2017, 11:37:38 AM »
Ha! ha! daft vader :lol :lol :lol

a parking attendant is best sitting in his little room snoooooooooooring
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Re: Have a rant - Stalking in the isles
« Reply #10 on: April 20, 2017, 12:43:01 PM »
Stalking in the isles

Stalking in the isles, i'm in a mall store and as i am walking gazing at the electricals, i can see a male shop assistant walking the same pace behind me, i quicken my step, he does the same, i stop all of a sudden he nearly crashed into my rear.  two more female assistants block me off to my right. i'm now captured  :-[

I'm  looking at air conditioning units, The price ticket on the A/C is so large, 24,000 bht. a blind guy could see it. I ask how many BTUs is it, The 3 assistants all replied at once 24,000 bht. special promotion. Yes i can see that but how many BTUs is it. Special price 5 year guarantee is the answer.

They didn't have a clue about what they were selling. Some like to browse in peace and if you need assistance you can ask, You might just be window shopping or there to keep cool. the real problem occurs when you have to ask a question then you will enter the nonsense zone.

In thailand I find female assistants are always on top of me  :o  or is that wishfull thinking.

What ever you look at, first you get the price then guarantee then how great it is. How can they afford so many staff, are they cloned or what. Your scared to look at anything, might take you ten minutes to get away from them. As for the guy that checks the bill + items before you leave Makro, boy is he clever, 200 items in the trolley, takes him 30 secs to check them all, yeah rite.

Well! i suppose you have to feel sorry for the shop assistants in a way, bunch of misery old farangs speaking in pidgin thai that no one understands, hey! blinkers might be the answer.

Happy shopping
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Re: Have a rant
« Reply #11 on: April 21, 2017, 11:48:07 AM »
checking your goods in makro

once you pay for your goods and get a receipt in makro / the transaction has been done. they have no rights at all poking around in your bags / making you feel like your leaving the store with something you have not paid for.

PS: thanks for all the fish  :evilgrin
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Re: Have a rant - Why do Thai people break the rules? Because they can
« Reply #12 on: April 22, 2017, 05:45:22 PM »
                        Why do Thai people break the rules? Because they can


Some one else's turn to have a rant now and who better than Orlando Barton of

Why don’t Thai People Follow the Rules?

So, I’m picking up a few items at Tesco Lotus in Bangkok and head for one of the “Express Checkout” lanes. There’s a big sign that clearly reads “Ten items or Less – Cash Only” in English and in Thai. There’s even a chrome pole blocking the entry of any shopping carts. With my little red basket containing only toothpaste, razor blades and toilet paper I’m thinking this is the line for me. With only two other people in the queue I’ll be out of there in no time right? Unfortunately both of the Thai shoppers in front of me are disregarding the sign completely.

The first guy being checked out when I walked up had two little red baskets overflowing with stuff. The lady in front of me was busy shuttling between her big shopping cart parked just outside the checkout and the counter itself; all the while muttering curses at the chrome pole blocking her cart’s access. In total I counted 57 items she piled up right under the “Ten items or Less” sign. When it was my turn I mentioned the flagrant rule violations to the young cashier. She looked at me as if I’d just insulted her.

The next day I was heading out for a meal with my missus behind the wheel. She pulled up to the curb right in front of this little Thai restaurant we frequent. When we got out of the car I noticed that she had parked right in the middle of a 10 meter stretch of curb painted with those bright red and white stripes that from my understanding of the Thai Driver’s Manual means “No Parking Anytime”. Just beyond this section of curb was a clear and legal stretch of space about 20 meters long. When I pointed out her flagrant infraction of the rules and suggested she adjust the position of her vehicle she walked over to the car, opened the driver’s side door and turned on flashing hazard lights. Shooting me a nasty look she said “We only stay to eat, not all day”. And that was the end of that conversation. When we left there was no ticket on the window, no locking boot on the wheel.


This picture above is taken on a Skytrain platform in Bangkok. This young Thai woman sauntered down the middle of the lane near the track clearly market “Keep Clear” in English and in Thai and stopped right on top of the sign itself. She continued to stand on top of the “clear zone” sign for 5 minutes with a BTS security guard about 5 steps away busy twirling his whistle around his finger and chatting up some girls. When we got on the train this same young lady waited for the automatic doors to close and leaned up against the sign on the door that says “Don’t Lean on the Doors”. As I looked down the line through the connecting train cars, all the doors were being leaned against.

After observing Thai people for nearly two decades in their native habitat I think I have finally figured out why they don’t follow rules. It’s because there is no danger of enforcement.

Why do Thai people break the rules? Because they can
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Re: Have a rant
« Reply #13 on: April 23, 2017, 01:43:51 PM »
They break the rules because Greng Jai kicks in.  Many Thais know that because of Grang Jai, no one will confront them when the Fck up.  Take these two pics for example.  This just happened at The Mall this morning where some idiot parks in the walkway (not a parking stall) as close as he can to my truck.  Even though I though I parked over enough so no car could fit in (I do this all the time), Fck Face still manages to wedge in.  Lucky for him there was no damage to my car. 

I called the Mall office, complained, and they sent a squad down to investigate.  They were taking photos and all and promised to address this issue.  I thought it already was because for the past two months they've coned the walkways so cars can't park there.  The very day they remove the cones......leave it to the Thais to sneak back in.  I swear it's like dealing with fcking children who have to constantly be babysat to make sure they don't misbehave. 

No matter how much I tried to explain to the idiot security guard that this is NOT parking, but a walkway, he just couldn't get it through his tiny brain.  Instead, he says, "Because it's easy Thai people."  I told him I didn't give a Fck if it's easy.  How about handicap people, or someone in a wheelchair?  How are they supposed to maneuver through an entirely blocked parking lot?   

If a Thai thinks he/she can get away with something, they'll do it.  It's only after they fck up and get caught that all the fake sorrys and wais come out.  I seriously doubt that if this prick hit my car, he wouldn't leave a note to my attention or anything.  No way. 
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Re: Have a rant
« Reply #14 on: April 23, 2017, 02:55:11 PM »
Thanks for sharing B/F - no one says a word - people do as they pleeeeeeeeeeezze  :-[
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Re: Have a rant
« Reply #15 on: April 23, 2017, 04:23:57 PM »
LOL.  That's a funny picture thaiga!  :lol

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Re: Have a rant - Yes, I accept I am a second class citizen
« Reply #16 on: June 21, 2017, 04:27:41 PM »
Well! it's time for a rant again, this time from  Not sure i agree with all of this, how about you.

Midweek Rant: Bikers deserve some respect too, you know.

Yes, I accept I am a second class citizen.

I can see why you might think I am near the bottom of the vehicular food chain.

I admit I don’t have film tint on my windows.

I don’t even have a windows.

I am just a downtrodden motorcyclist. Just a bloody biker….

But you know there are quite a lot of us and despite what some car
owners say we are human. We have feelings…..all we are after is a
little respect and consideration.

And some fair treatment from the cops – if you can do fair.

In return I promise to stay off the sidewalks. Promise to obey the
rules of the road. I’ll even stop if I inadvertently scratch your car…

Bikers in Bangkok – or any other major Thai city – are treated as the
lowest of the low.

It is rather unfair. Some of us have cars but we just want to get from
A to B as quickly as possible. We have jobs to do and families to feed
– in fact there are an awful lot of us about.

And we take up much less space on the roads and rarely block other people.

Firstly can I say to the police……

Would you mind not ripping us off and preying on us just because we
are unlikely to be people of influence and are relatively easy
pickings. How about show some parity with the car drivers who break
all the laws – and often kill us because they don’t bother to look
where they are going.

How about stopping these ridiculous checkpoints that are used to
fleece us for using various bridges and tunnels? It is absurd to stop
us using such roads and thoroughfares.

We accept that we have no right on the expressway or motorways – fine.
But we all know why we are stopped in the middle of most days. And how
you like us to bring out our wallets for disobeying the ridiculous.

Wouldn’t your time be better spent making sure that cars are not
making illegal U-turns, are not pushing in and holding everyone up are
not running red lights? You can get your fines that way, and be doing
everyone a favor into the bargain.

Secondly to car drivers…..

Would it be possible for you to stick to the markings on the road,
stick to your lanes? That way we can get through easily and there will
be less danger of damage to your precious paintwork or your expensive
wing mirrors.

It’s called consideration, even good driving – you may have heard of it.

Also please try to look when coming out onto a main road. This
involves using the eyes that are positioned just above your nose. It
may be necessary to look for a few seconds to make sure you have not
missed us.

That way you can avoid damage to your car and it will have the added
benefit of helping us return to our families at the end of the day.

To building owners……

Could you remember that we are also your customers? Would it be
possible not to pen us in in these underground dungeons that pass for
what you call parking lots.

Apart from being very bad for the health of your own staff it is
almost impossible at times to get our bikes out after they are crammed

We are admittedly poor and low class but we have spent what little
resources we have on our transport as well as car owners.

Also to the places that charge for bike parking. It can easily build
up to 100 baht in some places. That is a lot for a biker. Would a car
that costs twenty times as much be prepared to pay 2,000 baht just to
park…..I think you’d have a riot on your hands.

For some who have what you call “big bikes” the situation is a bit
better as you cordoned off another area. But I note that many of you
have changed this to 400cc up. What about the thousands if not
millions of us who have 250cc bikes – there is barely room to swing a
cat in some of your parking lots.

Some better signage about where we should go would also be appreciated
– a bike with a big arrow would fit the bill. And not just one – keep
the directions going until the parking is in view.

To pedestrians…..

Would you mind staying on the sidewalks and using pedestrian
overpasses. If you have to cross the road try looking…..using those
eyes I spoke about earlier. Jaywalking and appearing suddenly in a
biker’s path is likely to result in your serious injury – and our
death as likely as not.

To the people responsible for the road surface……

Could you get out there and fill in some of the potholes. You see for
cars it might be a little jolt or mean a spot of wheel aligning is in
order. For us bikers we tend to come off and get our brains splattered
on the tarmac.

It’s messy and very unsightly. If we don’t die instantly just because
of a small hole or ridge left unattended we are often flattened by
oncoming cars.

This can result in damage to expensive cars……

Finally to our dear friends the security guards who are most likely
bikers just like us…

Would you mind awfully pointing to where we can park first rather than
let us park, take off all our protective gear, start walking to our
destination……before you tell us that we can’t park there.

Then we won’t get so cross.

In return for all this we promise to behave ourselves and act as
responsibly as you in your cars and trucks.

Who knows – some of us may even live long enough to enjoy our grandchildren.

We may even feel respected.
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