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Do bar girls cry at night
« on: June 04, 2017, 03:31:21 PM »
Another newbie nut nut cry for help from Do Thai bar girls and GoGo girls cry at night or are they just having a laugh. No mention of the sick buffalo, as usual the comments are better than the question asked. BUT ... r they doing it out of desperation or pure greed, answers on a postcard please  ::)

Do Thai bar girls and GoGo girls cry at night or is it one big joke to them ?

I met one girl who said she doesn't like working at a GoGo but that she must send money to her grandfather and to her baby. She looked kind of sad.

I assumed this was just a scam to try to get me to feel sorry for her and give her more money to spend on drugs. After reading on the internet a bit it seems like her story may have some truth to it ? What do you think?

I know I cannot change the world as one person, but if the girls really are doing it out of desperation and not greed, then I might give Thailand a miss from now on.

On the other hand I don't think Thailand is an overly poor country, so why would these girls be so desperate ? Aren't there other jobs in Thailand ?

Thanks for the awesome replies guys; I don't feel bad anymore. I'm going to get myself a little Thai doll. LOL.

Here's a couple of comments. more can be found @

[–]windupcrow 11 points 1 day ago*

Some are genuine: they were teenage mothers, their parents can't work, or they are funding university. There are also some trashy ones and drug users.
But of course all will try and play up sympathy with you, why wouldn't they... Getting a western "boyfriend"/sponsor means a lot of money. I don't think that makes them bad.

There are plenty of other jobs in Thailand but remember that the wage for an unskilled cashier, waiter, etc is about 8,000-11,000 baht per month. So obviously prostitution becomes a major lure for fast money.

[–]Gish21 5 points 1 day ago

Do not believe anything this girl says, most of these girls are predators.

Gogo girls make bank (beer bar girls not as much, but still above average), especially if they are average to pretty. I assume she is good looking since you took her home.

Gogo girls base salary is around 15k a month, and coyote or model class gogo girls make even more. This is the base salary, before the money she negotiates for sex, of which she keeps 100%. For comparison, a university educated Thai school teacher starts at about 10k.

If she's good looking she will easily have at least one customer a day, so that is 2-3k per day on top of her 15k salary. So 50-100k is normal for a good looking gogo girl.

But the real money comes from guys like you. You think you are the first guy she has ever told her story too? I would bet my water buffalo she has at least 1 boyfriend sending her money every month. Maybe building a house, maybe bought her a car. Most guys are nice, so they will feel bad when they hear her story and give her money. Many guys are white knights and want to rescue gogo girls, so they will send them money every month, while they secretly keep working at the bar trying to get more boyfriends

Does she have a child and grandfather? Probably, but she also makes a lot of money and they aren't starving. Thailand has a 1% unemployment rate, if she just needed money to feed them she could go work in a normal job like the other 99% of Thai girls. They have kids and sick grandfathers too.
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